Celebrities' obsessions can be found all over everything, from the Oscars red carpet to the tabloid media lining supermarket checkout lines. Just after the big event, even the most casual filmgoer could perhaps find themselves flipping through with thumbnails of Academy Award fashion. Did you ever stop and wonder why we are so obsessed with celebrities? Do you ever catch yourself feeling like you know some celebrities? Don’t even get us started on our favorite podcast hosts. We have a good idea of what they like and enjoy, and we like (or dislike) them because of it. That may be true in many cases, but they are still complex individuals whose public persona is only a small part of their overall personality. 

Have you ever stopped and wondered about what the celebrities themselves are obsessed with? It’s definitely not any of us normies.  No, the celebrities we cover here have some very surprising interests:

15 Surprising Pop Culture Obsessions Of Celebrities
Source: MTV

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