15 Iconic Movies With Sneaky Shout-Outs To Other Movies

15 Iconic Movies With Sneaky Shout-Outs To Other Movies

You know that feeling when you're watching a movie, and something looks eerily familiar? It's not that filmmakers are incapable of being original. It's that they can't resist adding little tips-of-the-hat to other movies. Sometimes it's acknowledging influence, sometimes it's the filmmaker saying "Hey, don't forget that other thing I did!" And sometimes it's just a random shout-out.

Whatever the reason, they're easy to miss, fun to look at, and a thousand percent on-purpose. For example:

TWIOS Fates SuPeR-s Hape 0 Av 12 OLD AE AC 192 oha perrler LAVA LAMP uit CAINS TAT.TF Marty sees a stuffed Roger Rabbit in the window of the antique s
Source: IMDB

Glover E.B. In Shazam, among the many, many smileys on the social worker's desk, there's a blood-spattered one. It looks exactly like The Comedian's b
Source: CBR

A Big Hero 6 scene has a picture of Hiro's cat Mochi wearing a costume of Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch).
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