21 Now-You-Know Facts About This Spinning Hunk Of Rock We All Have To Share

Every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived here - on a mote of dust, stuck on your laptop screen.
21 Now-You-Know Facts About This Spinning Hunk Of Rock We All Have To Share

Carl Sagan famously said "Look at that dot. That's here. That's home. Wait, no, that's a piece of dust on my laptop. Sorry, the cleaning crew just came through, but they just kind of spread the dust around..." 

The point is: that mote of dust is packed full of wonders, and mankind has been trying to make sense of it forever. "Geography" may sound boring, but it's really just our desperate attempt to understand this flying ball of death we're stranded on. We’re talking about the Earth! Ever heard of it?

Of course you have, but we bet you haven’t heard these jaw dropping facts that totally stunned us. We’re talking truly weird stuff, like the amount of gold actually inside the Earth, or the closest terrestrial point to the moon itself. Even the facts that the largest cave system on the planet is actually within a well known U.S. state.

Here are some bonkers facts about this wild spinning rock and the ways we, as a species, have tried to make sense of it:

There's enough gold inside the planet to cover the outside. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM
Mount Chimborazo is the closest point on Earth to the moon. Due to equatorial bulge, it's closer to outer space than Mount Everest is. NOW YOU KNOW CR
The largest cave system on Earth is in Kentucky. MAP AE MAMWOTHCAVE ECALE 400 miles of caves have been mapped, with an estimated 200 more unexplored.
Vulcan Point is an island within a lake within an island within a lake. Following? It goes: Luzon Island > Lake Taal > Volcano Island > Main Crater La
There's a spot where you can time-travel 21 hours by traveling 2.4 miles. The Diomede Islands, aka Tomorrow Island and Yesterday Island, straddle the
Egypt has neither the tallest nor the most pyramids. The tallest is currently covered by grass in Mexico, and Sudan has over 100 more than Egypt. NOW
7 countries have a single landmass that spans 2 continents: EGYPT S I C A Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, and Panama. NOW YOU
At 22,394 square miles, Lake Michigan is larger than 9 states. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM
The capital of Jordan used to be... Philadelphia. Macedonian ruler Ptolemy Philadelphus named it after himself, some time in the 200s BC. Today, it's
The Pacific Ocean is shrinking. North American Eurasian plate plate Juan de Fuca plate Caribbean Filipino plate plate Cocos plate Asia and North Ameri
The sea with no coasts: NORTH AMERICA SARGASSO SEA Sargasso is a distinct sea within the Atlantic Ocean, with 4 strong ocean currents defining its bou
There are 4 distinct South Poles. Southem GEOGRAPHIC Ocean SOUTH POLE ROALD AMUNDSEN ROBERT SCOTT DIECEMBEN 14 1911 LANEALY amovet Yn tfene Southem TI
Some of Canada is south of Detroit. Windsor, Canada was actually a pretty crucial part of the American auto industry. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM
Four Corners Monument both is and isn't in the right place. Utah 8 Colorado 7 8 1868 1901 1 New Arizona 8 I 7 Mexico 5 They missed the mark by about 1
Navajo Nation Arizona The state of Arizona doesn't recognize Daylight Savings Time - but the Navajo Nation does. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM
XX Antarctica has 9 timezones. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM
Tectonic plates have two gears. continental crust ust lit sd Mant They move at about the same rate your fingernails grow - and that's high gear. NOW Y
Alaska is the eastern-most state in the U.S. 180 East Cape volcano Buldir Alaska sow Kiska Segula Little Sitkin Khvostof Semisopochnoi Davidof Gareloi
POPULATION BY LATITUDE 90% of humans live in the Northern Hemisphere. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM
The tallest mountain on Earth is underwater. Mauna Kea Everest Mauna Kea is more than 33,000 feet from base to summit; Everest is a paltry ,000. NOW Y
Australia is about the size of the moon. It's 485 miles across, while the moon has a diameter of 2,159. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


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