Tell Us Now: 17 Remakes That Leave The Original Movies In The Dust

Tell Us Now: 17 Remakes That Leave The Original Movies In The Dust

Rebooting/remaking existing movies is being done to death, and pretty much everyone's wondering if there's anything original out there to watch. Complaining about lazy, crappy retreads has become a staple on the internet.

The thing is, every now and then, a remake is better than the original thing we're nostalgic about. It's just really hard to admit it. So we asked our fans on Facebook which do-overs they had to grudgingly admit have been better than the beloved originals. Here's what they told us.

TELL US NOW. Marcel B. will absolutely go to bat for the 2016 Ghostbusters. It had better special effects, better gags, and it nailed the underlying
Marcel B.

TELL US NOW. Nathan S. says the latest Planet of the Apes trilogy got the series right. Granted, it's very different than the ones from the '60s and
Nathan S.

TELL US NOW. Aj S. says the Thomas Crown Affair remake has much better casting. Pierce Brosnan is an improvement because as cool as Steve McQueen is,
Aj S.

TELL US NOW. Brian J. says the U.S. Office is much, much better than the original. The U.S. version quickly made it their own starting with only thei
Brian J.

TELL US NOW. Dani D. says Fury Road took the best of Mad Max and made it better. It had the loneliness of the first movie, the vehicles from the seco
Dani D.

TELL US NOW. David M. points out that Buffy was a great show based on a dumb movie. It rebooted a rather silly and juvenile popcorn flick into a 7-ye
David M.

TELL US NOW. Brogan B. says Carpenter's The Thing is worlds better than the 1952 movie. Outstanding creature effects and human characters just as chi
Brogan B.

TELL US NOW. Richard L. says Cinderella got a lot better in 2015. The '15 film has far better relationship development between Ella and the Prince, a
Richard L.

TELL US NOW. Laurie H. says it's a shame Disney buries the '94 live-action Jungle Book. I'll take a sexy Mowgli played by Jason Scott Lee fighting ag
Laurie H.

TELL US NOW. Christopher C. says Jeff Goldblum's fly leaves Vincent Price's in the dust. He credits David Cronenberg. Better screenplay, better direc
Christopher C.

TELL US NOW. Bartholomew F. recommends skipping the original Battlestar. He says it's dated, predictable, and bordering on the unwatchable, even for
Bartholomew F.

TELL US NOW. SorrY, Sly. Brian W. says the 2012 Dredd remake kicks the original's ass. It perfectly captured the ultra-violent nature of the comic bo
Brian W.

TELL US NOW. The Tom Holland Spider-Man is the best, according to Cody M. It's when Marvel got it right. They didn't bother with the origin story we
Cody M.

TELL US NOW. David C. says the '9Os Nutty Professor was the perfect remake. They updated the '50s white movie into a '9Os urban comedy. Waaaaay bette
David C.

TELL US NOW. Bob W. says the 2004 Dawn of the Dead makes the classic look hack. It's a truly realistic take, with the confusion, the claustrophobic f
Bob W.

TELL US NOW. Jamey S. really liked the Arthur remake. No one is gonna like this but Russel Brand's Arthur over Dudley Moore. Helen Mirran was better
Jamey S.

TELL US NOW. Nikki G. prefers the made-for-TV Shining to the theatrical version. I feel that Steven Weber was much more believable as a man who becam
Nikki G.
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