15 TV Shows That Changed Big-Time From Pilot To Finale

15 TV Shows That Changed Big-Time From Pilot To Finale
Pilots and finales have wildly different energies. A pilot is a carefully-constructed introduction to brand new characters, environments, and plots that don't yet exist. A finale is an attempt to say goodbye to an entire world, just as you've finished building it, and it's not always easy to tie that up in a neat little bow. Sometimes the only way out is to literally blow everything up.

Watching a pilot and its finale back-to-back can feel like you're watching two entirely different shows:

Ellen FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKED COM Ellen, that These Friends of a show cancelled for Mine, a show was being too gay about a definitely jus

How I Met Your Mother FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKED co After a A dad begins season-long bottle episode, wistfully the entire recounting his premi

Bojack Horseman FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKED COM Hard-partying Toxic horse/ horse/actor actor man has man navigates ruined his and the pitfalls

The Sopranos FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKEDcO The entire Tough guy American mafia man experiment is flawed! The goes to system is corrupt! therapy

Baywatch Nights FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE STARHING CRACKEDcO COM A promising A Scooby spin-off where DoO-saster sexy Pls battle about sea burglars an

Stargate SG-1 FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKEDcO A reasonably Norse gods kill tech-savvy sci-fi themselves; serial, humans invent somewhat time trav

Lost FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKED C COM A group of Linear storytelling has been thrown strangers try to out the window in diagnose a bad favor o

Oz FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKED cO Gritty, violent Loose ends are unceremoniously drama about a snipped, having prison ward long ago killed livi

Two and a Half Men FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE M CRACKEDO ue COM An unorthodox A top secret spin on the script, an family sitcom, animated anchored by

Dollhouse FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKEDCO COM Westworld, Being John but with Malkovitch, human but with bodies. Eliza DuShku.

Family Feud FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE 10 27 CRACKED.cO Steve Richard Dawson Harvey displays sets up sex and a problematic poop jokes, horniness for e

Friends FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKED.C COM A group of pals Every (with their own conceivable rich, largely pairing has independent already boink

Community FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKEDCON A tired, An overextended experimental shitshow on a network search engine's sitcom from streaming serv

Cheers FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKEDO A bar owner After 5 years finds waitress/ a new away, waitress (and love interest love interest) in returns

Moral Orel FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE CRACKEDC COM A raunchy A surprisingly happy ending to stop-motion an extremely Leave It To dark season of Beaver
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