21 Actors Who Landed Huge Roles (In Bizarre Ways)

Hollywood is just as insane and random as the rest of the world.
21 Actors Who Landed Huge Roles (In Bizarre Ways)

The plot of some films and Television series seems to stick with you. Other stories feature stunning settings or emotive sound tracks. Some people will stick with a movie or show because of the characters. These personalities have left an indelible mark on our emotions and thoughts, for better or worse.

Actors have had a huge impact on the culture by performing particular roles and have had illustrious careers. We began to look at the famed movie, and tv stars and how they landed their most iconic roles. Ever thought about how these actors were able to get there in the first place?

The most notable and weird casting for such iconic roles in movie and television history are listed below.

You probably believe that actors get prominent jobs by attending high-powered luncheons and nailing super-formal auditions. However, Hollywood has shown to be just as wild and random as the rest of the globe. Probably a lot more. As a result, performers get cast in legendary, career-making parts for the weirdest reasons. For example…

Pamela Anderson went to a football game in a beer T-shirt. TEFR THE They put her on the jumbotron, and the crowd cheered. They next brought her down onto the field, and the crowd cheered even louder. The beer company whose logo she was wearing (Labatt's) signed her to a
Gunther's actor only got the part for his coffee skills. James Michael Tyler showed up for an audition for extras with coffee experience. His Coffee Guy character skulked in the background of Central Perk for a season and a half before the show's creators even asked if he knew how
Ryan Reynolds was forced into X-Men Origins: Wolverine. When the Deadpool role in the famously terrible movie opened up, Reynolds says he was essentially told, Either play Deadpool in this movie, or you'll never get to play him in any movie. He toughed it out, despite describing himself as a
Harrison Ford came to Star Wars as a carpenter. He'd already appeared in George Lucas' American Graffiti, but he returned to carpentry and only reunited with Lucas because he was installing a door for Francis Ford Coppola. Lucas hired him as an audition partner for aspiring Princess Leias.
Mel Gibson drove a friend to an audition. The night before, he'd got into adrunken brawl, so he showed up covered in bruises. The director told him to come back because the film needed freaks. When he did return, he instead landed the lead in Mad Max. CRACKED COM
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