We take our favorite shows for granted, but the life cycle of a television show is a delicate thing. All kinds of crazy things can cause a show to be scrapped: arguments with the suits at the network, the universe has it out for John Cho and refuses to let him star in a sitcom, sudden-onset polio. Here are a few star-crossed TV shows we never got to see:

Garbage Pail Kids A 1987 animated series based on the raunchy trading cards. CBS caved to pressure from parental groups and just threw an extra half-h

Members Only MEMBERS ONLY Think Downton Abbey in Connecticut, starring John Stamos. 13 episodes were ordered, but one of the developers lost interest

Hieroglyph An ancient Egyptian Game of Thrones that was ultimately scrapped by FOx... for being too similar to Game of Thrones.
Source: EW

The Singles Table 18 A 2007 attempt to fill the hole that Friends left behind, about a crew of singles who meet at a wedding. This was at least the se

Next Caller 300 While a Dane Cook and Jeffrey Tambor teamup sounds like a nightmare in 2020, it was comedy gold in 2013. It was sadly shelved after 4
Source: Deadline

Do You Trust Me? DO YOU TRUST MELE A 2007 CBS game show about two contestants building up trust as host Tucker Carlson continually narcs on them.
Source: CBS

The Cops MEMEREHRS RU END 5AVE THE DAT DOHESTT COMPANY VOLE PICA A 2017 animated cop show that was cancelled as soon as its creator Louis C.K. was.
Source: Deadline

Snip A highly-hyped 1976 sitcom from the creator of Welcome Back Kotter, apparently cancelled because one of the actors was openly gay.

The Don Hornsby Show Polio Downs Bri Hornsby on Last-m Eve of Debut Monroe, Leftwi Two CBS-TV NEW YORK. May 20. Tragedy week resigned fro struck Crees
Source: Billboard

The Jake Effect This was a 2008 sitcom starring Jason Bateman and Tenacious D's Kyle Gass.

Manchester Prep 300 Written as a prequel series to Cruel Intentions, it was later turned into the feature-length Cruel Intentions 2.

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