Tell Us Now: 20 Things You Missed Out On As A Kid For The Worst Reasons

Tell Us Now: 20 Things You Missed Out On As A Kid For The Worst Reasons

Kids dream big, and their hearts want what they want. Unfortunately, sometimes our kid heart desires get squashed for absolutely idiotic reasons. Obnoxious peers. Narrow-minded parents. Societal "norms" that make no sense and shift on the daily. And that means a lot of us get talked out of doing something we really want, and wind up regretting it.

We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us about great stuff they missed out on, as kids, so we can all commiserate. And hopefully learn something before we stomp on the next generation's dreams.

TELL US NOW. Melissa H. really liked so-called boys' toys. 28 As a young girl, I was afraid of opening up about loving GI Joes, He-Man, Star Wars, Th

TELL US NOW. Drew W. wishes he'd pursued his love of fashion. Women's fashion and dress making fascinated me; the fabrics, the colors, the styles wer

TELL US NOW. Geenah A. kept her love of gaming hidden, as a teen. AOY. GAME I used to be addicted to my Game Boy as a kid, but my mother hated video

TELL US NOW. Michael F. loved country music, and nobody knew. 2 I hid the fact that I was a fan of country music for years because most of my friends

TELL US NOW. Paul B. gave up speaking Arabic, because of bullying. This was during the first gulf war. I told my parents I didn't want to speak it an

TELL US NOW. Laura L. missed out on tree climbing, ice skating, and cartwheels. Because I played piano, I wasn't allowed because I was a 'nerdy, klut

TELL US NOW. Jennings M. wishes he'd stuck with Animorphs. I didn't finish the books because I started getting teased in school. I so wish I did beca

TELL US NOW. Kay G. didn't play Magic, because of bullying. Gotdin Warries E Creees Vinfs Wall of Voce Torssenting Highla Ghasslatk Twins Abnormal End

TELL US NOW. Kyle M. kept getting trouble... for reading. I got an F in reading class for reading too much, and was punished by several other teache

TELL US NOW. Matt S. feels bad about passing on Dungeons & Dragons. Nil are likely y to OF be home encounteror and in hove sunlight Easets ntravision

TELL US NOW. Heidi M. never learned to dance. It was just too embarrassing to try to dance when I didn't know how, and I didn't know who to ask to te

TELL US NOW. Chris F. was mocked for being more into Jobin than Cobain. Like... good on y'all for defining your lives through grunge music but don't

TELL US NOW. Teasing kept Angelisa J. from reading Nancy Drew. I he wnispering Statue CADONI People called me that name because i was nosy and carrie

TELL US NOW. Anthony S. gave up Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. -D Everyone I knew thought they were stupid and made fun of others for liking it. Now

TELL US NOW. Charlie W. never got to explore his interest in dollhouses. I wasn't interested in the dolls, but was fascinated by all the miniature fu

TELL US NOW. Caitlin B. wishes she hadn't missed out on anime, as a tween. My parents didn't understand why so many kids my age were into it and they

TELL US NOW. Cody M. let peer pressure scare him away from drama. I love performing on stage and making people laugh, but I let the stigma of hanging

TELL US NOW. Boyd S. kept his clarinet hidden from his peers. Being picked on didn't permanently affect him, though. Today I enjoy a successful caree

TELL US NOW. Debrah S. wishes she'd joined the power lifting team. to 1 WHY  was never good at traditional sports. But could outlift most girls in my

TELL US NOW. Christopher N. was teased for loving cooking, as a kid. I loved baking and cooking when I was a kid, but stopped when I was ridiculed fo
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