Paul Revere Was… The Nation's First Forensic Dentist?


Every American child learned about Paul Revere's midnight ride in grade school, but apparently it wasn't notable to mention his dental practice? Outrageous. Read more about Paul Revere's (weirdly patriotic) dental pursuits below.

Paul Revere is best known for his April 18, 1775, midnight ride to the colonial warn militia that the British were approaching It was famously (if ina

Aside from being a patriot, Paul Revere was a silversmith, but when that revenue stream dried up, he studied to be a dentist. He studied under John Ba

One of his patients was Dr. Joseph Warren, who was also a good friend. Warren was the one who tipped Revere that the British were coming. CRACKED.COM

During the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775, Warren was killed. The British buried him in a mass grave without his uniform or any way to identif

Revere and some friends went to the battlefield to look for the body, almost 10 months later. Revere able was to identify Warren by recognizing false
Source: MASSAR

Warren was then able to be given a proper funeral in a marked grave. OPE Fel MA.GEo:H NARSEN 325 11341, SIai7 Hi JJe 174775 JOSEPH WABEN His 07 P 22.
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