Famous People Who Are Surprisingly Different In Person

Famous People Who Are Surprisingly Different In Person

Celebrities are really good at building brands for themselves, whether it's through taking specific movie roles, building a social media presence, public appearances, or some combination of all of them. After all, if you are seen as something in particular and it builds an audience, it only makes sense to just run with it. However, while those personas are successful, they can be too successful.

The child actor who plays an annoying, brutish, sadistic child king could actually be a very polite, thoughtful, excellent person when the cameras are off. At the same token, the quirky, beloved silent film actor that has inspired so many careers with his humble yet witty character could be an absolute monster and tyrant to those those who work with him or are related to him.

Kill your heroes and praise your villains. Here are some celebrities who are nothing like the personas they show to the public:


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