Famous People Who Are Surprisingly Different In Person

Think you know celebrities?
Famous People Who Are Surprisingly Different In Person

Celebrities are really good at building brands for themselves, whether it's through taking specific movie roles, building a social media presence, public appearances, or some combination of all of them. After all, if you are seen as something in particular and it builds an audience, it only makes sense to just run with it. However, while those personas are successful, they can be too successful.

The child actor who plays an annoying, brutish, sadistic child king could actually be a very polite, thoughtful, excellent person when the cameras are off. At the same token, the quirky, beloved silent film actor that has inspired so many careers with his humble yet witty character could be an absolute monster and tyrant to those those who work with him or are related to him.

Kill your heroes and praise your villains. Here are some celebrities who are nothing like the personas they show to the public:


Terry Pratchett crafted fun, playful fantasy worlds. BUT His friend Neil Gaiman says Pratchett was completely driven by rage. Beneath his dry wit is a
Steve Martin isn't really such a wild and crazy guy. In his words: I am fundamentally shy and still feel embarrassed at disproportionate attention.
Think Paris Hilton is just a vapid, privileged, reality star? She's actually a hardworking, smart businesswoman. She manages 19 product lines, travels
Think Gordon Ramsay is a mean, short tempered prick? Think again. In real life, Ramsay is a nice guy and has donated to several charities, including U
Jack Gleeson played the role of King Joffrey so well that it's hard to imagine him as anything but his evil character. CTAME OF THRONES According to K
Dr. Seuss was a beloved children's author. BUT Theodor Geisel not only never liked children, but was actually scared of them. He never had children of
Johnny Ramone might have invented punk rock as we know it, but he wasn't into the rock 'n' roll lifestyle in the least. After concerts, when the rest
Johnny Carson was a beloved talk show host. BUT The man America welcomed into their living rooms was a bitter, bullying wreck of a man. He was meanest
Lucille Ball was actually a very serious and responsible person, despite being famous for playing silly and funny characters. And her natural hair col
Leo Fender is a legend who perfected the electric guitar. BUT Despite the fact that his entire business revolved around manufacturing guitars and amps
Charlie Chaplin was a lovable goof on-screen, an artiste screen, and, according to Marlon Brando, probably the most sadistic man I'd ever met. While
John Lennon was a gentle, peace-loving hippie. BUT When he was younger, he basically went around punching women. And he wasn't much better with Yoko.
Tyra Banks wears luxurious dresses in front of the camera, but in real life, she is extremely frugal. At one point, her accountants had to remind her
Think that Dean Martin was a flirty drunk? It was just an act. BOIVEY His son revealed that Martin either had a weak scotch and soda or apple juice. G
You'd think the Dalai Lama wouldn't care about science. BUT He says: World-class scientists have generously coached me in subatomic physics, cosmolog
Despite playing tough guys on-screen, Liam Neeson is actually a wimp when it comes to heights. He's not just afraid of standing in a tall building or
Elvis Presley was the ultimate '5os ladies' man. BUT He had one very specific type: They had to be young (like, school age). He met his future wife Pr
Kim Kardashian: PARTY GiRL! She doesn't touch drugs or alcohol. Kim says her sense of responsibility was first instilled by her father when she was a
Dolph Lundgren plays thugs who mostly grunt. BUT He's actually fluent in five languages (French, Swedish, German, English, and Italian). He's got an I
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