Do you like french fries, ice cream, and Champagne? Of course you do; you're not a monster. If you're an American, don't forget to thank James Hemings for bringing these delicious French delicacies to your plate. Read more about his brief yet lasting legacy below.

Thomas Jefferson brought his 19-year-old slave James Hemings to Paris in 1784. Jefferson wanted Hemings to learn how to cook French food. CRACKED COM

In a cruel arrangement, Jefferson promised Hemings his freedom if he learned French cuisine and passed it on to another slave. Slavery was illegal in

Jefferson and Hemings were brother-in-laws. Jefferson had inherited the Hemings family. Hemings was Jefferson's wife's half brother - as in Jefferson'

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Hemings excelled at cooking. After three years of study, he became the head chef of Jefferson's French residence that also served as the American emba

Hemings also played an important part during the Compromise of 1790. It was over one of Hemings' meals in the room where it happened when Jefferson,
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