15 Dark Scenes That Were Wisely Left Out Of Movies

15 Dark Scenes That Were Wisely Left Out Of Movies

It's understandable that not everything in a book can make it onto the screen. Sometimes, it's a shame (The Golden Compass, anyone?). Other times, we're just thankful that the makers of certain films chose not to expose us to the dark, cynical world that exists in some writers' minds. And it's saying something that even our diabolical brains nope out when it comes to scenes like:

Room In the movie: Joy (24) and her son Jack (5) live in a shed as the captives of Old Nick, Jack's biological father who kidnapped Joy seven years
Source: Pajiba

Jojo Rabbit In the movie: Jojo gets injured at a Hitler Youth training camp, leaving him with a limp and a scar on his face. In the book: Jojo loses a
Source: /Film

The Martian In the movie: The Hermes crew bravely travels back to Mars to save their lost crew member, Watney. In the book: Crew member Beth Johanssen
Source: LitCharts
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