The Kidnapping Foiled By The Titanic Sinking

Nothing ruins an attempted kidnapping like an international tragedy.
The Kidnapping Foiled By The Titanic Sinking

Michal Navrátil thought he had gotten away with kidnapping, but it ended up costing him his life. Read more about the fascinating tale of the Navrátil boys below.

In April 1912, Michal Navratil attempted to abduct his two sons. Unfortunately for him, his escape route involved a ride on the Titanic. CRACKED.COM
Navratil was born in Slovakia in 1880. He opened a business in Nice, France. There he met Marcelle Caretto who he married when she was 16 and he was 2
Michal and Marcelle separated in early 1912. And who could blame 'em as Marcelle was a haggard 21-years-old. The court gave custody to Marcelle's uncl
Michal picked up their sons for an Easter weekend. Unbeknown to Marcelle, he had a longer trip in mind. Michal arranged for him and his sons to travel
Marcelle received a note saying that she would never see her children again. The children were four and two years old. Michal had bought the tickets u
When the Titanic sunk on that fateful April night, the two children were brought to the last boat rescue launched. Edmond, the baby, was naked except
As only women and children were allowed on the rescue boats, their father Michal drowned. He was identified by his assumedly Jewish fake name so he wa
The children survived, but HOURS only knew to identify A FLOLTEG Ithemselves by their Thres Bclrcas t Dral Is Dr nicknames. PESS TICOGA Ca Eis est Sts
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