Tell Us Now: Embarrassing Songs People Hate To Admit They Love

Tell Us Now: Embarrassing Songs People Hate To Admit They Love

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what constitutes good music, and can pretty easily recognize forgettable garbage. But because the human brain is weird, it's often the forgettable garbage that worms its way into our ears -- and then our hearts. With just as much tenacity as an actual heart worm.

We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us about the songs that they not only listen to, but absolutely love, but also super hope nobody ever finds out about. Here's what they told us.

TELL US NOW. Shane L. says it's hard not to love I Think We're Alone Now.' Tell me that song doesn't put you in a good mood and I'll say you lie.
Shane L.

TELL US NOW. It's raining purple on Shawn S. I'm an old school metalhead but Purple Rain (song and album) is a masterpiece that I keep buried deep in
Shawn S.

TELL US NOW. You're The Best was a staple on Tee P.'s iPod. It accidentally blasted while his girlfriend was in the car. I freaked out and tried to
Tee P.

TELL US NOW. Animals by Nickelback gets Jen A. rocking, every time. The shame keeps getting worse and I just keep singing it louder (when I'm all a
Jen A.

TELL US NOW. Manda . isn't embarrassed about any music she likes. But she does admit she might have a hard time explaining her affection for Sisqo's
Manda I.

TELL US NOW. Matthew M. is glad he's wearing a mask in his car right now. Because nobody can tell he's belting out Barcelona by Freddie Mercury and
Matthew M.

TELL US NOW. Tony C. secretly really likes One' by Creed. If anyone repeats that will deny everything that happened. After I fake my own death of c
Tony C.

TELL US NOW. Jennie O. is definitely not embarrassed by her love of Walking On The Sun by Smash Mouth. I'm not super sure how much care about peopl
Jennie O.

TELL US NOW. Anastasia M. is all about Somebody That I Used To Know'' by Gotye. The song SLAPS and the whole album is still something I listen to r
Anastasia M.

TELL US NOW. A Thousand Years really gets under Andrea G.'s skin. I don't even like the Twilight series but that song makes me cry almost every tim
Andrea G.

TELL US NOW. Jake S. will always love Wannabe, by Spice Girls. He was hospitalized a lot as a kid, and that song got him through a tough stay.
Jake S.

TELL US NOW. Nora N. wants to Party All The Time, party all the time, party all the time. She says she gets that it's embarrassing, but that Eddie Mur
Nora N.

TELL US NOW. Jefferson L. has a soft spot for Your Love Is My Drug by KeSha. Long ago I was a heavy metal DJ but I will dance to this song in my ca
Jefferson L.

TELL US NOW. Jennifer A. can't decide which version of Africa she loves more - Toto, or the Weezer cover. (Must be those sweet Weird Al moves that h
Jennifer A.

TELL US NOW. Anna K. keeps a little George of the Jungle in her music rotation. Specifically, the song Dela. It's just such a lovely happy song but
Anna K.

TELL US NOW. Ryan S. can't not sing along to Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode. IT's just So goddamned catchy. Also, I'm a year- old man whose
Ryan S.

TELL US NOW. Dana D. is upside, inside out for Ricky Martin. And she will go to bat for Livin' La Vida Loca. People roll their eyes but I challenge
Dana D.

TELL US NOW. Kermit the Frog really speaks to Leah K. The Rainbow Connection.' It connects with my soul, man, she says.
Leah K.

TELL US NOW. Dave B. just met you, and this is crazy. But he loves singing with Call Me Maybe. (lt's the chorus, he says.)
Dave B.

TELL US NOW. Elizabeth W. loves the Numa Numa Dance song. Like I don't just watch the Youtube meme video. Nope. I had to actually go track down the a
Elizabeth W.
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