12 Movie & General Knowledge 'Now You Know' Facts

12 Movie & General Knowledge 'Now You Know' Facts

Everyone loves interesting facts. Nobody loves bad news. The trick is, learning interesting facts without being ambushed by a bunch of depressing stuff. Welp, Cracked has your back. We're here for you, with a weekly roundup of guaranteed-interesting facts on a broad range of topics.

Facts like:

In the 2006 Dreamworks movie Flushed Away... ...there's a rat Han Solo in his carbonite pose, frozen in ice. NOW YOU KNOW

Tony's hand when he first realizes he can be a force for good... and the same hand when his journey culminates by saving the universe. NOW YOU KNOW

The floor plans for MI6, Britain's intelligence agency.. !. ...were lost by contractors refurbishing the building. (Some were recovered.) NOW YOU KNOW
Source: BBC

The worms in Men in Black are speaking Huttese... ...or at least a form of Quechua, which fans say Jabba's language is based on. NOW YOU KNOW
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