Tell Us Now: Past Fashion Choices That You Regret Today

Tell Us Now: Past Fashion Choices That You Regret Today

Fashion is fickle, and trends come and go. And when you're a kid, you're torn between the urge to be fashionable and the urge to be unique. Plus, you're broke AF. And that trifecta results in some, uh, unique clothing and accessory choices.

We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us about their most regrettable fashion phases, so we can all have a collective cringe. Here's what they told us:

TELL US NOW. Christopher O. had a flair for formalwear in middle school. t Specifically, he wore a Looney Tunes tie to school every single day for a c
Christopher O.

TELL US NOW. Keith D. was rocking Ginger Fish's Holly Wood haircut for a while. He says it was a very bad version, and in turpentine brown. Let's j
Keith D.

TELL US NOW. Delany S. was her own brand of steampunk. I wore aviator goggles on my head, several steel video game necklaces at a time like very unfo
Delany S.

TELL US NOW. Rachel C. wanted to dress like Jodi Lyn O'Keefe in She's All That, I would tie cheap ribbon around my neck to match my bright-colored sk
Rachel C.

TELL US NOW. Stephen K. was super comfortable in his Swedish Army Coat. Mine was made from sheepskin. It was big and lumbering and I loved it, but I
Stephen K.

TELL US NOW. Karissa S. was committed to making a fashion statement. She capped off her tight shirts, Tripps, Chucks, and spiked emo hair with a dog
Karissa S.

TELL US NOW. Janelle D. has a few choice words about her past belt choices. For when you need to look like Hot Topic vomited on you, but you also wan
Janelle D.

TELL US NOW. Paul H. rocked a soul patch, senior year in high school. Even in the '9Os that's not acceptable, he concedes.
Paul H.

TELL US NOW. Rufus R. was briefly into asymmetry, as a teen. It started out small with say, a fingerless glove on one hand and nothing on the other.
Rufus R.

TELL US NOW. Liz H. has her mom to thank for the mullet she had in grade school. The cringe part wasn't the mullet- it was that the top was permed an
Liz H.

TELL US NOW. Jessica M. used to love wearing bright silver eyeshadow. She'd coat her entire eyelid, and her family said it looked like a fish scale.
Jessica M.

TELL US NOW. Sarah T. was rockiNG some big Beetlejuice energy, as a tween. I wore the same black and white plaid, sleeve overshirt (open front, kind
Sarah T.

TELL US NOW. David K. figured safety pins would make him look tough.  wore ratty jeans with extra pockets and put safety pins through them in groups
David K.

TELL US NOW. Heidi W. lived in a miniskirt and purple Ugg knockoffs. UGG 0C In San Diego. Where it does not get anywhere near cold enough to need Ugg
Heidi W.

TELL US NOW. 14-year-old Annika Y.'s synthetic dreads still make her cringe today. I'd seen some gothic chicks nailing the look but I didn't have the
Annika Y.

TELL US NOW. Chelsea R. started a toe-socks-with-sandals trend in 8th grade. Some popular kid who hated me thought the look was cool and started doin
Chelsea R.

TELL US NOW. Teighlor F. had his own take on JNKO jeans. (actual photo) I would tie the ends of them and turn them into parachute pants. But I tied o
Teighlor F.
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