Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Make Dramatic Moments Look A Whole Lot Goofier

Come play with us, Danny. For as long as allowed under union rules.
Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Make Dramatic Moments Look A Whole Lot Goofier

Look, we all know Mark Hamill didn't fall into a gigantic air shaft, and Robert Englund never actually kissed a high school nerd to death. Or, we assume he didn't. Hey, does anyone have eyes on Englund? 

The point is, we suspend our disbelief in the height of the cinematic moment so we can fully experience the drama. And taking a peak behind the curtain instantly makes these dramatic scenes hilarious:

The Hobbit 4OD IED ILLL REC 50 Benedict Cumberbatch warming up his face (presumably by saying his own name).
The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker about to leap onto a giant pillow fort.
The Shining The Grady Twins are technically supposed to be two years apart, not actual twins. But who cares, Lisa and Louise Burns are a couple of cut
Titanic d HAS WS OF Rose hanging precariously four feet in the air.
Jurassic Park Il This is how you play god: effects supervisor John Rosengrant taking his dino legs for a spin.
Silence of the Lambs I ate his liver with some cold french fries and a nice Mr. Pibb... sfsfsfsfsfsfsfs
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master It turns out plenty of people want to suck face with Freddy.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Dumbledore and Voldemort look like they're sharing orange slices at halftime of a soccer game.
Godzilla Actor Haruo Nakajima's sweat was regularly drained by the cupful from these dorky overalls. CRACKED.COM
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