The creative process is mysterious and complicated, nobody here is disputing that. But because of that fact, famous characters often undergo a series of wild transformations before they settle into the familiar forms fans come to know and recognize. And sometimes they take hilarious, disturbing twists along the way.

If you think the movies you love are weird or terrifying enough, try working in a writers' room or special effects department. The Alien movies are terrifying, but almost all of them were slapstick. They even put a dog in an Alien costume! A cute little dog, too! We'd kill for that movie. Conversely, instead of an ex-KGB agent, Black Widow was almost…a soul-harvester for Satan? Really? We'd…uh…we'd pay to see that, too. 

Characters we're used to don't arrived fully formed, is what we're saying. We've got those examples, plus 25 other twists and turns characters have taken over the years.

Turns like …

The Predator THE CHARACTER WE KNOW THE EARLY DRAFT crab-faced bug-duck Rasta dude thing The creature, originally played by Jean-Claude Van Damme in a
Source: IGN


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