The Dark Past Of Myspace Tom

Tom used to be a criminal hacker.
The Dark Past Of Myspace Tom

Myspace may be a running joke of an archaic website example, but for a window of time, it was the most visited site in the world and the first social media site to reach a global audience.

Tom Anderson was a well-known face of the site. He was a cofounder of the Myspace, but beyond that, what do we really know about him? Read more about his fascinating early beginnings in tech below.

TOM FROM MYSPACE WAS OUR ORIGINAL SOCIAL MEDIA FRIEND Male 30 Years Old CALIFORNIA United States blst Online Now! Last Login: 3/11/2006 His smiling fa
A total hack is in your extended network. Tom Anderson's Beginnings About Tom: Born November 8, 1970 San Diego, California When Tom (whose last name i
A YOUNG START He would sometimes hack into large systems with more processing power and memory to learn how to code. CRACKEDOON
THE REIGN OF LORD FLATHEAD WORLD-WIDE BANKING CHASE MANHATTAN In 1984 at 14-years-old, Tom, under the name Lord Flathead, hacked into a Chase Manhatta
THE TYRANNY OF LORD FLATHEAD Log In Sign Up! Email: Password: Remember Me Log In Forgot your password? He was able to get through the first level of s
Lord Flathead's Friend Space Lord Flathead has 40 friends ? ? ? ? OEE ? ? ? ? View all of Lord Flathead's Friends He showed up to 40 friends how to do
THE FALL OF LORD FLATHEAD OF F IHSTICE OFPARTMENT U N OF INVEBRIG When the bank notified the FBI, 50 agents raided the home of Tom and his friends, se
RIP LORD FLATHEAD BBME OLJEE Since Tom was a minor, he agreed to stop committing cyber crimes and was put on probation. GRACKEDOONT
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