Tell Us Now: Horrifying Summer Job Stories

There's just so much poop.
Tell Us Now: Horrifying Summer Job Stories

Summer jobs are a rite of passage. They're teenagers' first foray into the workplace, and a great testing ground to help them figure out what career paths they want to follow. Plus, they earn some cash. It all seems very positive.

And yet, summer jobs are a breeding ground for some of the funniest, weirdest, and most disturbing horror stories of a person's lifetime. We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us theirs. And there were so many poop stories.

TELL US NOW. A man came in and used the bathroom that Pedro L. was cleaning, when he was a bagger at a grocery store. The dude walked straight out wi
Pedro L.
TELL US NOW. When Matt J. was a luggage attendant, he opened a suitcase to turn off what he thought was an electric toothbrush. It wasn't. Their face
Matt J.
TELL US NOW. Toni A. worked at a thrift store with a spelling- impaired manager. I looked in at the start of one shift and saw a set of cereal bowls
Toni A.
TELL US NOW. When Ken S. was working at a fast food place, he spotted a deep fat fryer that was on fire. He managed to put it out. A few days later,
Ken S.
TELL US NOW. Wilson B. shredded his lawnmower's filter on his first day working for a hospital grounds crew. JBG He felt better when he learned that a
Wilson B.
TELL US NOW. Francis M. worked at a pig farm as a teen, and one day had a slippery task. One day I had to go fishing for piglets that had fallen thro
Francis M.
TELL US NOW. Mallary T. was interning as a pastry chef in a fancy bakery when a couple made a special request. They wanted a cake made from their home
Mallary T.
TELL US NOW. When Andrew C. was a summer camp counselor, the staff had a water balloon fight. His team was losing, but suddenly rallied. As they were
Andrew C.
TELL US NOW. Teri S. had a job cleaning hotel rooms at age 15. She'd always knock before entering a room. One day after announcing herself twice, I o
Teri S.
TELL US NOW. Merideth P. was filling in at an office, and her last task was to run the dishwasher. She couldn't find dishwasher soap, SO she used dish
Merideth P.
TELL US NOW. When Julianne N. worked at a doggy daycare, she had to deal with a dog with an appetite for poop. Eating her own shit was only the beginn
Julianne N.
TELL US NOW. A customer Jessica J. served took issue with his roast beef sandwich. After he gets it, he throws it on the counter, and demands his mon
Jessica J.
TELL US NOW. Jared D. had to clean up after his supervisor at his summer maintenance job. He got so baked that he managed to gouge a wall while paint
Jared D.
TELL US NOW. Adam K.'s summer job at a home improvement store forced him to listen to the commercial theme on continuous loop. REP 45 002 RPM WAI EMEU
Adam K.
TELL US NOW. On Dawn T.'s first day at an ice cream place, she was asked to make all the shakes. Turns out the other employees just wanted to watch he
Dawn T.
TELL US NOW. Dave B. washed dishes at the fanciest restaurant in his hometown. For entertainment would use the sprayer to knock the huge bugs off the
Dave B.
TELL US NOW. Geoff D. was pulled off his summer job site and asked to help with a bridge demolition. Little did I know I was there only to get a full
Geoff D.
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