Tell Us Now: Unexpected Ways Random Movies Changed Your World

Sometimes inspiration comes from completely unexpected places.
Tell Us Now: Unexpected Ways Random Movies Changed Your World

When we're growing up, we're constantly pelted with educational material. Even movies are built specifically to teach kids Important Life Lessons. The reality is, though, kids are smart enough to give that shit a wide berth, and consume whatever pop culture speaks to them. And weirdly, sometimes it does. Even the dumbest B-movie fare can have a grain of inspiration in it that we carry with us into our adulthood.

We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us what movies influenced them in unexpected ways. Here's what they told us:

TELL US NOW. Footloose helped Jamie B. deal with change. My family moved a lot as I was growing up. I owe Ren McCormick/ Kevin Bacon a huge thank-you
Jamie B.
TELL US NOW. Deep Blue Sea has influenced David M.'s fashion choices. In one scene, a character makes a tourniquet from his belt after a shark attack.
David M.
TELL US NOW. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy gave Sean G. a lifelong obsession. He saw it at age 10, and it made me decide I wanted to be a special eff
Sean G.
TELL US NOW. Galaxy Quest was a love letter to nerds like Robert K. One of the first subculture movies to show that the fans of nerd media were usefu
Robert K.
TELL US NOW. Empire Records shaped Rashell N.'s musical tastes and job aspirations. I always wanted to work at that Music store and get the 'I Work H
Rashell N.
TELL US NOW. Eric S. found a philosophy to live by in Pump Up The Volume. No matter how awkward, anti-social or dorky you are, if you get a microphon
Eric S.
TELL US NOW. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory shaped Fred M.'s world view. It taught me spoiled whiny brats get what's coming to them. Like swelling
Fred M.
TELL US NOW. To this day Tammy M. won't swim in the ocean, because of Jaws.  do not go deeper than my waist in the ocean, she says. And she even has
Tammy M.
TELL US NOW. Joshua S. says Ghostbusters made him fearless. I think it led to me being more sarcastic, looking at things logically and not getting sc
Joshua S.
TELL US NOW. Stephanie K. will be covering all her windows for all time, TYVM. She saw Salem's Lot at age 12, and even four decades later won't watch
Stephanie K.
TELL US NOW. Patch Adams gave Marty L. a blueprint for how to be a decent human being. Makes you realize if you try, you can find some way to relate
Marty L.
TELL US NOW. The Neverending Story helped Sara K. get a handle on depression. The Great Nothing was easier to beat when I remembered a single grain o
Sara K.
TELL US NOW. Tank Girl was a hell of a role model, for Jen C. She says it was the first strong, loving feminine role she'd seen. I resolved to be str
Jen C.
TELL US NOW. Mannequin gave Kris E. new goals and a new perspective. It made me want to be a window dresserlartist and inspired me to study fashion.
Kris E.
TELL US NOW. Star Wars gave Paulie L. a blueprint for being female. year-old me learned that a woman can be strong, and smart, and rescue herself. CR
Paulie L.
TELL US NOW. Harry And The Hendersons subtly influenced Bob W.'s beliefs. After years of being a fan, he was watching it with a girlfriend. When Harry
Bob W.
TELL US NOW. Flight of Dragons was more than just a cartoon to Dave S., as a kid. I loved Peter's conflict with his belief in both magic and science.
Dave S.
TELL US NOW. Casper was a surprisingly great role model for Laci B. She says Casper's sacrifice is the ultimate example of unconditional love and wisd
Laci O.
TELL US NOW. Jeff D. has Pulp Fiction to thank for his fastidious handwashing habits. It taught him: when washing my hands, always make sure they are
Jeff D.
TELL US NOW. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion inspired Adam B. It taught me that you are not defined by your teen labels, you can become somet
Adam B.
TELL US NOW. Because Of Hackers, Jo B. went into IT. Hackers to me is what Top Gun was to many people. CRACKED.COM
Jo B.
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