Remember back in the day when, even with the instructions, you couldn't build that Lego set? But there was that jerk who could just do it by looking at the box? Fast-forward to today, where IKEA is giving you all sorts of hell, and that kid now builds stupid awesome gadgets.

Our readers compiled the best of these toys, and we gave money to the winner ...

Entry by Avisia

Shu Mansheng has built his flying own saucer.  # Now his ffth diameter on prototype, it has and an 18 ft is always tethered down lacks as it steerin

Entry by RainbowCrash

Without so much as a proper crew, Bill Caswell bought a beat-up old BMW on Craigslist for $500 and fitted it with dirt tires, a homemade roll cage, an

Entry by makmende

ang Youde was a 56 year-0 old farmer living outside city in China's Hubei province In 2010 he held off a team of about 100 evictors armed with clubs a

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