24 Based On True Story Movies Which Lie


It's interesting whenever you watch a biopic or a movie about a historical event. They can be engaging and inspiring, knowing that real human beings persevered through difficult circumstances, even becoming heroes. These can be great stories, stories that grant people belief in the human spirit. However, Hollywood doesn't like to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Whenever you see the phrase “based on the true story,” the key word is “based.” Hollywood does a lot to cover up certain details about people or events in biopics so the audience can root for someone without needing to feel conflicted about the people or the issues at hand. There are moments when the hero of the movie wasn't so much of a hero in their real life. Or that the villain(s) of the movie may not have been as bad as you were lead to believe.

Cracked readers got together to share about some “based on true events” stories that are anything but true:

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