Tell Us Now: The Worst Scene In A Good Movie

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Tell Us Now: The Worst Scene In A Good Movie

You know how with yin and yang, there's always a little yin in the yang side and a little yang in the yin side? Movies are like that. Somewhere in every great film, one garbage scene is usually festering away, right in the middle. Think we're kidding?

We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us their best examples of bad scenes hiding in otherwise great movies. Here's what they told us:

Tell Us Now: The Worst Scene In A Good Movie
Lilian G.
TELL US NOW. The barrel riding sequence in The Hobbit was jarring, for Alex H. In The Desolation of Smaug, during the barrel riding sequence there ar
Alex H.
TELL US NOW. Anthony M. hated the Sy Snootles update in Return of the Jedi. He calls it a horrible CGI scene forced into the beginning of a tense enc
Anthony M.
TELL US NOW. Rose's narration in Titanic was pointless and extra to Christian C. The movie could have begun where Jack wins the cruise tickets, skip
Christian C.
TELL US NOW. The sex scene in the Watchmen movie was literally laughable. When I saw it in theaters the entire audience burst into laughter when the
Charlie W.
TELL US NOW. The rooftop scene in the 2002 Spider-Man was a snore for Robert E. Stopping the movie for an extended chunk of Green Goblin exposition wa
Robert E.
TELL US NOW. Bucky's cheer in Captain America, The First Avenger was a clunker. I Let's hear it for Captain America! After Steve leads the POWs out
Kenton P.
TELL US NOW. Davis B. says the dog costume scene in The Shining was pointless. He calls it random furry porn with no context. Yes, it was in the boo
Davis B.
TELL US NOW. Ryan A. wishes Once Upon A Time In Hollywood had ended differently. Chalk it up to Tarantino, he says. Loved the movie, but QT had to ha
Ryan A.
TELL US NOW. The curb-stomp scene in American History X is too much for Ryan B. 15 He calls it a great movie that I could never watch a second time b
Ryan B.
TELL US NOW. Why did It: Chapter One make us watch the bathroom being cleaned? Matt B. says it's an incredible movie, but tHE bloody bathroom cleanup
Matt B.
TELL US NOW. The anal sex scene in Kingsman: Secret Service was cringe-worthy. It's probably meant to subvert some spy movie tropes, but it comes off
Anna H.
TELL US NOW. The volleyball scene in Top Gun had Jeff M. checking his watch even more than Maverick. He says it could've easily been replaced with 5
Jeff M.
TELL US NOW. Wow, that Martha scene in Batman V. Superman was a disaster. Where Bruce and Clark instantly bond over their mothers' shared first name?
Chris L.
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