According To This Book, Humans Will Evolve Into Nightmare Fuel

Made in man's own image?
According To This Book, Humans Will Evolve Into Nightmare Fuel

We've walked you through Dougal Dixon's speculative evolution book on the dinosaurs that might have been. In his follow up, Man After Man, he's trained his cruel eye upon mankind, and brought to life a horror show of humanoid successors to homo sapiens.

The central premise of the totally gonzo book is this: in this particular future hellscape, man will have dipped into his own DNA to genetically engineer humanoid horrors that perform specialized labor. These big dumb beasts outlive us when humans trash the environment, and inherit the Earth. (Also, we evolve telepathy, so hooray?) Here's how some of our creations turn out after 5 million years or so. Enjoy!

You may not like it, but The Vacuumorph is what peak performance looks like. The ultimate triumph of the genetic engineer. The product of grafting, su
Hunter and Carrier Symbionts exist in a symbiotic perma-hug. 9g Lacking thick fur and insulating layers of fat, Moderator baiuli can only hut in short
The Antman is a snack and he knows it. The antnan is imume o formic acid, the poison carricd in an ant's sting. But his body does no break doren the p
The TiC: a walking organ farm. Replacement organs, grown synthetically, are grafted onto the body. Eyes, ears, mouth and nose still function. The fing
Hivers look like an entire species evolved from one middle school English teacher. The body and limbs of Homo vates. the seeker. have atrophied from l
The Aquatic: our first big win. Developed in the earliest centuries of genetic engineering as a refinement to the aquamorphs, the aquatics were the fi
The Spiketooth won the evolutionary lotto. The slothman Acudens ferox is heavier than other hunting species. It can afford to be, needing neither spee
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