Overlooked News Stories That Deserve Some Attention

Seems like the world is in a perpetual state of crisis, and basically everything is changing. But that doesn't mean everything else has stopped. A ton of important or funny developments have unrolled, they've just gotten buried.

For example:


FRANCE ELECTED ITS FIRST TRANS MAYOR. MAIRIE Marie Cau became the mayor of the northern village Tilloy-lez-Marchiennes after a near-unanimous votE by Source: NBC News


DOG NOSES ARE BECOMING AN IMPORTANT ARCHEOLOGICAL TOOL. More and more archeologists are starting to use dogs trained to detect human remains to find aSource: The New York Times


WE'VE FIGURED OUT WHY GLASS FROGS HAVE TRANSLUCENT SKIN. Researchers thought it probably wasn't for camouflage, since you can see organs through it whSource: The Guardian


A $1 BILLION SOLAR PROJECT, THE LARGEST IN THE U.S., GOT GOVERNMENT APPROVAL. The Gemini solar and battery storage project, in Nevada, will generate eSource: Las Vegas Review-Journal


ELEPHANTS ARE EASY TO GET DRUNK, WE'VE CONFIRMED. For centuries, there have been reports of elephants getting drunk (with and without human interventiSource: The New York Times


COSTA RICA NOW RECOGNIZES SAME-SEX MARRIAGES. To celebrate, a bunch of same-Sex couples got married as soon as the law (the first of its kind in CentrSource: CNN


YOU CAN NOW FLY JETS NO MATTER HOW TALL YOU ARE. 0002 437 AN 3IS Until now, USAF pilots had to be 5'4 to 6'5 tall. People outside that range had toSource: CNN


NORTH KOREA HAD TO SAY KIM IL SUNG COULDN'T TELEPORT. According to myth, Kim U Sung (North Korea's founder and Kim Jong Un's grandpa) used chukjibop, Source: Radio Free Asia


FRANCE IS CRACKING DOWN HARD ON DANGEROUS SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT. Under a new law, social media companies (and other websites) will have to remove conteSource: BBC News


A VIRGIN ORBIT ROCKET LAUNCH FAILED. It launched over the Pacific, but failed soon because of an anomaly, the company said. Virgin Orbit is Richard Source: BBC News


CRAYOLA IS MAKING SURE ALL KIDS CAN DRAW THEMSELVES. SWORD GULUO (Crayolo. Crayola (Crayoln Crayola (Crayole (Crayole: ORDAD) lofe Crayoln yiokdD) CraSource: The Chicago Sun-Times


FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS, A PYGMY HIPPO WAS BORN IN THE SAN DIEGO Zoo. This is big because they're an endangered species, with only 500 of them Source: NBC Washington