Disgusting Scams People Are Pulling To Get Rich Off This

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PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Times are desperate. That means people are ready to fall for anything, and other people are ready to pull anything to make us fall, hard. Try not to lose your head, or your shirt, because 2020 is bringing out the absolute worst in some of us.

Thanks to an order banning evictions, renters are squatting, leaving homeowners homeless. Some upstate New Yorkers rent out their houses until Memoria
Source: CBS

Scammers are posing as grandkids who have been suddenly studk with COVID. They target grandparents, requesting money for medical care. When grandma me
Source: CBS

Newly laid off workers are being taken in by an online job scam. The company deposits $4,900 in your account (awesome!) then instructs you to send a r
Source: ABC

AUK company sells $350 a 5GBioShield' to protect conspiracy theorists from 5G. It turned out to be just a 128 MB USB stick. Typical retail price for
Source: BBC

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