Movie Scenes We Almost Got (And Wish We Had)

Movie Scenes We Almost Got (And Wish We Had)

Look, we get it. Sometimes directors have to make tough calls and drop an excellent scene from a movie for reasons that can range from plot to time constraints to fanboys freaking out about their precious. Okay, that last one is a pretty shitty reason, but apparently that's a thing that happens now. Anyway, the point is that even though there will (sometimes) be legitimate reasons for a scene being cut, it doesn't mean we would not have wanted to see them in the movie.

For instance:

In addition to the Cap VS Cap fight in Avengers: Endgame we almost got a Thor vs Thor one too. There were plans to have Lebowski Thor fight his form

We almost had a classic Tarantino Manson scene in ONCE UPON A TIME IN... HOLLYWOOD The character of Charles Manson had the briefest of screen time i

CRACKED COM We almost got some more sunken place action in GET OUT. In a deleted scene, Chris gets sent back to the Sunken Place after trying to flee

CRACKEDCON Iron Man and Doctor Strange almost switched suits in Avengers INFINITY WAR The sequence would've been part of the first act, and Tony Stark

CRACKEDC We almost got to see Frozone's wife in THE INCREDIBLES2. TIME Brzer Instead of just having her as a voice in the franchise, we almost met Hon

There was almost an entire three-minute sequence in Lady and the Tramp where dogs walk their humans on leashes. I know a little place around the co

CRACKED cO We almost had all three SPIDERAA Spidey-actors in INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE. The idea to have Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland h

There is a deleted scene from STAR THE FORCE AWAKENS WARS that gives Finn more reason to abandon his life as a Stormtrooper. The scene shows how, afte

CRACKED There is a deleted scene from SPLIT where one of Kevin's malicious personalities, Dennis, expresses remorse after capturing Dr. Fletcher The s

We almost saw Bill show off his fighting skills in KILL BILL VOLUME 2 In a deleted scene Bill is confronted by a gang who's leader he killed, and in a

We almost had a WWII battle scene as the opening of CAPTAIN AMERICA THE WINTER SOLDIER Not only did we almost get a big period battle for an opening,

There is a deleted scene from DOCTOR STRANGE that adds more depth to its villain, Kaecilius. In the scene, Kaecilius discusses the Bible with a priest

CRACKEDC STEP BROTHERS almost had a crazy fake intruder scene that ended up at Sea World. The original script had a scene where Dale freaks Brennan ou

When Joker blows up a hospital in THE DARK KNIGHT there's a brilliant deleted scene of him being driven away in a hijacked bus, never looking back. Th
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