Familiar Movie Scenes That Were Almost Completely Different

The famous scenes only exist because of one, random change.
Familiar Movie Scenes That Were Almost Completely Different

Sometimes a movie scene can be so incredibly funny or scary or just downright epic that it'll etch itself into our memories forever. Imagine watching, say, Scarface without its crazy climax. Or E.T. without the bike flying across the moon. Or Black Widow being chased to her death by dementors in that Avengers: Endgame scene. You may think that last one is a joke, conjured up by our legendary yet spectacularly insane imaginations.

You would be wrong.

Here are the scenes we almost got:

The epic final scene in Jurassic park almost had John Hammond shoot and kill a velociraptor. Yes, instead of having the T-Rex be the final hero, it wo
The scene where Vincent Vega accidentally shoots Marvin in Pulp Fiction was almost too serious. Marvin was supposed to only get shot in the neck, just
Black widow's death in Avengers: Endgame was originally filmed as a chase scene with a swarm of Dementor-like creatures. But the scene proved to be
ThE iconic song Beauty and the Beast was originally a rock ballad. When the songwriters sent the demo to Angela Lansbury asking her to sing it, she
When peter Parker visits Gwen's grave at the end of The AMAZING Spider-man 2, he almost met his not-dead father. In deleted decides a scene, Peter's d
Before Sidney shoots and kills Billy at the end of Scream she was originally supposed to say: And this, Billy stud-bucket, is for having incredibly a
Sefen almost had a dog's head in that box. Brad Pitt said that at one point an idea was floated to put his character's dog's head in the box instead o
The horrifically sad opening scene of Bambi was almost way worse. That right there is an original board showing Bambi's mother getting shot and dying
Remember the epic ending of Thelma & Louise? We almost saw the car tumble and crash into the canyon. Instead of a symbolic ending, we almost had a mor
The big twist in Get out where Rose reveals she's been iN on trapping her boyfriend chris almost lost its shock. In the scene where Chris tells Rose t
The creepy ambiguous ending of The Blair Witch Project was almost way gorier. The ending shows MIKE standing in the corner of the room, mirroring the
Yondu was almost killed off in Guardians of the Galaxy. That scene where Yondu finds a troll inside the Orb that Peter Quill gives him? There was orig
Remember in Man of Steel where Superman kills General Zod? Yeah, that originally didn't happen. In the original script, Zod would simply have been suc
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