More Fascinating Social Media Trends Spawned By All This

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Social media: the one remaining tool we all have for connecting with other humans on a large scale. And, it being the only tool we have left, people are starting to use it in ways that would have baffled the people living in The Before Time (3 months ago).

Ways like ...


CRACKEDGOM @cathynewman on Twitter On video, experts and authority figures now have bookcases in the background. When filming at home, they need the bSource: The New York Times


GOYA GRACKED BUSH'S emihaperdrcar meijer LIMA Chick Peas BEANS Garbanzas Black Brans emiliapetrarca Ive bean in long 3w Lawful Good Neutral Good ChaotSource: VICE


More Fascinating Social Media Trends Spawned By All ThisSource: The Washington Post


stogaclassof2020. Follow wa S stogaclassof2020 @caroline famous Major: 'My favorite memories were stoga W swim and eating in the library <3* InternatiSource: The New York Times


CRACKED.COM FERNANDO THE SLOTH: NOW ON CAMEO! Social media has become ZOOS' lifeline. To make up for lost revenue, ZOOS are getting creative about makSource: The New York Times


GRACKEDCON 1 Apr, 10:4 These sniffy posts about people hoarding and wasting flour are ridiculous. Everyone I know is baking more to a) reduce daily trSource: VICE


Hotels across the world are being turned into huge heart symbol displays. In Bonn, Vancouver, Las Vegas and elsewhere, hotel staff is using their emptSource: CNN, General-Anzeiger, Vancouver Is Awesome


CRACKEDOON melody @JIBBITZ can't wait to walk down the aisle rMOr On Twitter, people are using a meme to pine for normal life. They're posting aisles Source: Mashable


CRACKED aaldalug 22 @lennyhops on Instagram and Twitter Taking out the trash is now something to dress up for. On a whim, Danielle Askew from AustraliSource: VICE


CRACKED CO u H A ALL A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony Private group 1.7M members 1.7 million people are SO bored, they re roleSource: Buzzfeed News


CRACKEDOOM lais @laislibe kk slider album cover redraw joanne LADY GAGA I JOANNE K.K SLIDER JOANNE 1,331 8:42 PM - Apr 20, 2020 An Animal Crossing speSource: Mashable, Insider


CRACKEDOON girl of the dirt @frauglet Behold 9:27 PM Mav 3. 2020 Twitter for iPhone The latest quarantine baking trend is frog bread. It involves bakiSource: VICE