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Social media: the one remaining tool we all have for connecting with other humans on a large scale. And, it being the only tool we have left, people are starting to use it in ways that would have baffled the people living in The Before Time (3 months ago).

Ways like ...

GRACKEDCON 1 Apr, 10:4 These sniffy posts about people hoarding and wasting flour are ridiculous. Everyone I know is baking more to a) reduce daily tr
Source: VICE

CRACKED aaldalug 22 @lennyhops on Instagram and Twitter Taking out the trash is now something to dress up for. On a whim, Danielle Askew from Australi
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CRACKEDOON girl of the dirt @frauglet Behold 9:27 PM Mav 3. 2020 Twitter for iPhone The latest quarantine baking trend is frog bread. It involves baki
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