Look, we all like to laugh at an awkward crossover. Fraiser shows up on Star Trek! Yosemite Sam fights Jonah Hex! But the thing is, you can use those as a roadmap to construct an elaborate shared universe. And if you connect all those dots, you can logically prove that, for example, Batman and Papa Smurf probably bump into each other in line at the deli all the time.

Don't believe us? Allow us to demonstrate.

BATMAN CROSSED PATHS WITH THE PUNISHER. Punisher and Batman: Deadly Knights comic book features Frank Castle coming to Gotham in order to apprehend th

THE PUNISHER TEAMED UP WITH ARCHIE ANDREWS. WHAT HAvE DONE TOELERvE THIS2! In the Archie Meets The Punisher one-shot comic book, Frank Castle gets hel

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES HUNG OUT WITH ARCHIE. When Veronica gets kidnapped in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet Archie comic, the Turtles sho

THE TURTLES WERE INVESTIGATED BY THE XFILES CREW. ONLY EYES After Mulder and Scully confirm their existence, the Lone Gunmen are sent out to investiga

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HOMER SIMPSON GOT A VISIT FROM MULDER AND SCULLY In The Simpsons episode The Springfield Files, Homer encounters an alien in a forest, and agents Mu

RICK AND MORTY ONCE KILLED THE SIMPSONS. In a crossover promo for Rick and Morty, Morty accidentally crashes Rick's spaceship into the Simpsons family

A FACEHUGGER TRIED TO IMPLANT RICK SANCHE. In a promo for Alien: Covenant, Rick and Morty find themselves exploring an abandoned spaceship after recei

SKYNET MADE A TERMINATOR WITH ALIEN DNA. In the four-issue comic Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator, Skynet is accidentally awakened in thE

This Shared Universe Isn’t A Theory, It’s Real


WRECK-IT RALPH RACED SONIC. In the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed racing game, Sonic and Ralph battle it out on the racetrack. Why Sonic drives

WRECK-IT RALPH WENT TO THE SAME SUPPORT GROUP AS BOWSER. In Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph attends a Bad-Anon meeting (a support group for villains) with Bowse

PIKACHU BATTLED AGAINST BOWSER. Both Pikachu and Bowser are regular combatants in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. CRACKED CON

This Shared Universe Isn’t A Theory, It’s Real

DONALD DUCK WAS IN A CROWD WITH SYLVESTER. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, after Judge Doom is defeated, all the cartoons come out to celebrate including

SORA FOUGHT ALONGSIDE DONALD DUCK. Donald has been Sora's loyal companion since the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

WINNIE THE POOH IS FRIENDS WITH SORA. Occasional side-quests in Kingdom Hears feature Sora going to 100 Acre Wood, AND helping Pooh and his friends. C

PAPA SMURF HELPED WINNIE THE POOH GET A KID OFF DRUGS. Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue is a drug prevention special from the 90s that features severa
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