18 Undervalued Actors Who Deserve Way More Screen Time

18 Undervalued Actors Who Deserve Way More Screen Time

Let's get a couple of things straight, shall we? Yes, it's true that many actors have a choice in what kind of movies and shows they want to be in. It's also true that performers have every right to turn down roles and take a year off to make and sell candles or whatever. We're just saying that we would personally not mind seeing more of the actors and actresses in this list. We're selfish like that.

Miyavi EL The Japanese musician's acting chops has been largely overlooked (perhaps because his biggest film Unbroken didn't really stick with audienc

Brendan Fraser The actor who became well-known for starring in action films like the The Mummy and George of the Jungle has at last returned to our sc

Yvonne Orji The Nigerian-American actress is best known for her role in the critically- -acclaimed series Insecure. The fact that Orji lights up the s

Michaela Watkins An SNL alumna, Watkins has played many supporting roles over the years, including a hilarious portrayal of a self-medicating wife in

Joel Kinnaman You might know the Swedish-American actor from 2014's Robocop or from shows like The Killing and Altered Carbon. Even though Kinnaman us

Ato Essandoh He had a part in Jason Bourne. and some might remember him as the guy who got mauled by dogs in Django Unchained. But go watch his brief

Gwendoline Christie Do we even need to say more here ? The world collectively fell in love with Christie watching her incredible performance in Game o

Creed Bratton Best known for playing a version of himself in The Office. Bratton has (in his own words) had the dubious honor of appearing in two Lin

D'Arcy Carden While she's recently had a small part in Bombshell and a recurring role in Barry, Carden's acting in The Good Place has shown what a hil

Lizzy Caplan From her emo-grunge character in Mean Girls to her enduring take on Virginia Johnson in Masters of Sex to her intense portrayal of Annie

Josh Hartnett The man has a filmography list as long as he is tall. and yet the accolades seem to evade him. He has an incredible emotional range, and

Amber Stevens West The young actress showed she could hold her own in 2014's 22 Jump Street, and yet we haven't seen her in much. She's mostly been ca

Paula Malcomson Some might recognize the Northern Irish actress from series like Deadwood and Sons of Anarchy, but it was her incredible portrayal as

Delroy Lindo Another actor with a long list of movies and TV shows. Lindo is not a name everyone might know but should. He's been in three Spike Lee f

Michael Pena While the actor has featured in quite a few movies and TV shows recently. it was his performance in the Ant-Mal movies that made us want

Michael Hyatt The itish-American actress gave a strong performance in HBO's crime drama The Wire. but Hyatt showed she's also quite comfortable doing

Jena Malone While the actress received awards for her work back in the '90s in films like Stepmom, she's been largely overlooked since. Pity. because

Jharrel Jerome This young actor blew us away with his nard-winning performance as Korey Wise in When They See Us. And sure, the reason Jerome might be
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