Sex Myths You've Probably Believed Your Entire Life

It's time to bust some sex myths.
Sex Myths You've Probably Believed Your Entire Life

It's easy to understand why so many of us are dummies when it comes to sex. Most of what we learned came from locker rooms, older siblings, and magazines written by idiots. Those growing up with internet access aren't faring much better, since now all those dummies can spread myths to millions with the click of a mouse. So allow us to drop some true sex knowledge on you.

MYTH: CHOCOLATE IS An APHRODISIAC. FACT: THE FDA SAYS APHRODISIACS DON'T exIST. We've got drugs (and possibly natural cures) that treat sexual dysfunc
MYTH: WEARING TWO condoms DOUBLES YOUR PROTECTION. FACT: THAT'S worse THAN using JUST one. Condoms are designed to make contact with genitals directly
MYTH: COLLEGE IS WHERE women experiment. FACT: NOn-COLLeGe women experiment more. The CDC did a study on 10,000 women. They found that those with bach
MYTH: you CAN'T HAvE sex on YOUR perlod. FACT: UH... SAYS WHO? Sex organs tend to be more sensitive during your period, which makes sex even better th
MYTH: EveRYonE'S HAVING LOADS OF sex. FACT: NOT THAT MUCh, no. Men report six to eight lifetime sex partners, while women report four, on average. Eve
MYTH: CASUAL sex IS Fun BUT UNFULFILLING. FACT: NAH, IT'S Just Fun. Forget the usual story we're told about people's misgivings the next day. Research
MYTH: incest LEADS TO messeD-UP BABIES. FACT: IT BARELY DoES. Having a cousin as your sexual partner does increase the risk of birth defects by 2 to 3
MYTH: LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY WILL HURT. FACT: IT PROBABLY won'T. The hymen isn't a barrier that gets painfully ripped open, and it has generally dissol
MYTH: sex BEFoRe MARRIAGE mAkes youcomPaTiBLe. FACT: COHABITATING COUPLeS ARe more LIKLEY TO DIVORCE. Today, it's generally agreed a couple should mov
MYTH: sex SAPS STAMINA. FACT: ITMIGHT even Give you more STAMINA Everyone thinks having sex before an athletic event can disrupt your performance. But
MYTH: conception HAPPenS WHEN you HAve sex. FACT: IT COULD HAPPen A week LATER. Sperm survive longer than a week in the reproductive tract. If you hav
MYTH: men PEAK AT 20. women PEAKAT 35. FACT: MALE OR Female, you GAIN FRoM experlence. True, men have the most testosterone at 20, while women hit the
MYTH: younG SINGLES ARe COnSTANTLY GETTING LAID. FACT: HALF OF young SINGLES HAD no sexin THE PAST YeAr. Meanwhile, 50 percent of young maried couples
MYTH: Years OF sex LoOSen THE VAGINA. hw FACT: NOPE. DO Years OF eating LoOSEN THE MOUTH? Because the vaginal muscles are relatively similar to the mu
MYTH: condoms ARe 98% effective. FACT: THEY'RE JUST 82 % eFfective OVeRALL. They're 98% effective at preventing pregnancy when used perfectly. That me
MYTH: PULLING ouT IS An AWFUL WAY TO AVOID PREGnAncy. FACT: Done CORRECTLY, IT'S 96% eFFective. Done correctly is a pretty big caveat. Factor in mis
MYTH: LESBIAn sex IS STD-FREE. HPV VACCINATION FACT: LESBIANSARe AS AT-RISK FOR MOsT STDS. Lesbian sex may involve exchanging less body fluids, which
MY'TH: PUBERTY Gives BOYS wet DREAMS AnD GIRLS Perlods. FACT: women GET sex DREAMS AS oFTEN AS men. Plus, wet dreams in general aren't as common as yo
MYTH: BIG penises Give BIG ORGASmS. col 32 co 33 44 2 23 34 45 59 TalIlouio 60 24 46 FACT: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE G-SPOT. Some people like the feel of a b
MYTH: THE CLITORIS IS A TINY NUB. FACT: IT'S HUGE And MOSTLYInTERNAL. The clitoris measures around 10 centimeters long. Inside the body, it forks into
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