Impressive Tricks Hollywood Uses On You

Impressive Tricks Hollywood Uses On You

Sure, Hollywood movies are loaded with nonsense, but they're also capable of impressive craftsmanship. While your conscious mind is paying attention to the dialog and the plot, a whole arsenal of hidden directorial tricks is subtly playing with your subconscious. They guide how you feel and change how you perceive the film ... so long as you are actually watching it, and not just listening to it while looking at your phone.

Impressive Tricks Hollywood Uses On You

How do you get a character's hair floating around them, like Katie Bell in Harry Potter? Shoot the actor in a tank of water, then drop the footage int

Watch how the color palette changes during The Aviator. The film starts out imitating the look of two-color Technicolor. This type of film from the 19

Impressive Tricks Hollywood Uses On You

In the Rocky movies, always pay attention to Stallone's crotch. In Rocky l, his shorts are black with just a yellow trim. Rocky has a heart of gold. B

Did you catch the purple color wash in the original Ghostbusters? Maybe your subconscious did. The tint appears when things get spooky. That includes

Impressive Tricks Hollywood Uses On You

CRACKED The World's End changes film stock as the story progresses. 16mm sets a tone of nostalgia. Most of the film uses 35mm. When things get really

Neill Blomkamp's Elysium is not a terribly subtle film. Still, did you notice that the space station looks like a flipped pentagram? It makes for kind

The Grand Budapest Hotel uSeS three aspect ratios for its three time periods, and there's an Easter egg in how those ratios MatcH up with the dates. 1

Thanks to the perspective forced on you through camera angles in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane looks absolutely enormous. Tom Hardy stands just 5-foot-9

Impressive Tricks Hollywood Uses On You

Look at the office of Dr. Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The set decorator used Brutalist '70s massive furnishings which are large, sq

A fisheye lens films the subject with a wide angle to disorient you. It can be obvious, like when movies show someone through a peephole. But it can s

CRACKEDCO You were definitely supposed to associate the three main characters in Glass with individual colors. They prepped you with marketing before
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