Celebrity Boo-Boos That Seem Sooo Celebrity

Celebrity Boo-Boos That Seem Sooo Celebrity

You ever fallen down or gotten hurt somehow and the first thing you did was to look around and see if anyone saw? That's us like three times a week. Life has a way of turning lemonade into lemons like that. You're out shoveling the driveway, sorta jamming on slinging the snow for some strange reason and then the next thing you know you're on your back and the shovel hasn't come down yet.

But we aren't celebrities and celebrities never seem to do anything the way normal people do. That must somehow be included with whatever life package they bought to become famous. It’s a lot different than our lives so it’s a surprising revelation when a celebrity does literally anything the way an average person does. And getting hurt is no exception. 

Famous people somehow even get boo boos in a fancier way than the rest of us. For example:

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