Celebrity Boo-Boos That Seem Sooo Celebrity

Celebs can’t even get boo boos like a normal person.
Celebrity Boo-Boos That Seem Sooo Celebrity

You ever fallen down or gotten hurt somehow and the first thing you did was to look around and see if anyone saw? That's us like three times a week. Life has a way of turning lemonade into lemons like that. You're out shoveling the driveway, sorta jamming on slinging the snow for some strange reason and then the next thing you know you're on your back and the shovel hasn't come down yet.

But we aren't celebrities and celebrities never seem to do anything the way normal people do. That must somehow be included with whatever life package they bought to become famous. It’s a lot different than our lives so it’s a surprising revelation when a celebrity does literally anything the way an average person does. And getting hurt is no exception. 

Famous people somehow even get boo boos in a fancier way than the rest of us. For example:

During the season 17 premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian was revealed to have a large bald part of her scalp exposed on t
Johnny Cash got his ass kicked by an ostrich. Cash liked to take walks in the animal refuge outside his compound, and one day an angry ostrich attacke
Channing Tatum burned the skin off the tip of his c*ck with boiling water. While shooting a scene for The Eagle in Scotland, he was forced into freezi
Justin Theroux cracked his head open while riding a scooter, and he has a tiny scar to prove it. He'd been riding without a helmet on a movie set he'd
A movie technician's sloppiness gave Roger CRAGN Moore butt scarring. While shooting The Spy Who Loved Me, a special effects guy blew up Moore's chair
Andrew WK got his trademark bloody nose for the cover of I Get Wet from a combination of headbanging, blowing his nose as hard as he could, and jammin
CRACKEDGO Aaron Sorkin, the Oscar- winning screenwriter, broke his nose while writing. He was working on some dialogue while looking into a mirror and
Method acting doesn't always go as planned. Just ask Sylvester Stallone. During the filming of Rocky IV, Sylvester Stallone asked Dolph Lundgren to re
Outfielder Milton Bradley was ejected from a game in 2007 for arguing an umpire's call. Bradley blew up, and his manager, Bud Black, rushed To restrai
cycling champion Mark Cavendish hurt himself playing Wii. Cavendish was playing snowboarding on his Wii when he slipped and injured a calf muscle. Tha
Ben Stiller got attacked by a ferret while filming Along Came Polly. Stiller was holding the ferret for a scene, and, in his words, he did this crazy
Major League Baseball player Ryan Klesko hurt his back lifting a lunch A tray. His upper back seized up in a restaurant when he tried to pick up his l
Famous British footballer Alan Wright was a tiny bit short for his new Ferrari. He strained his knee, trying to reach for the pedal and needed medical
Kanye West slammed into a pole while distracted by the paparazzi. Lucky for him, they didn't catch the exact moment on film. CRACKED.COM
Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan broke his back while trying to jump over a camel. CRACKEDCOMT
In 2004 slugger Sammy Sosa sneezed so hard that he strained a ligament in his back. He ended up on the disabled list and missed a full month of the Ma
While filming Snow White and the Huntsman, Charlize Theron screamed so much that she tore a stomach muscle. She also said that she 'did enjoy just sc
English soccer player Rio Ferdinand injured his feet when watching TV. He had to miss two of his team's games due to straining a tendon behind his kne
Mandy Moore got a black eye and some stitches after hitting her face on a shower door handle.
Celebrity Boo-Boos That Seem Sooo Celebrity
U Billy Crystal once sneezed SO violently that he tore a rib muscle, causing breathing difficulties.
Peter Weber (the current Bachelor) injured his head by accidentally running into a parked golf cart and then smashing his head against a wine glass...
Mike Tyson went to the hospital after falling off his daughter's hoverboard. He hopped on board the 2015 trend only to fall right on his back. CRACKED
Jackie Chan was playing with a Swiss Army knife while filming a movie. He threw it up in the air and tried to catch it with his foot. The knife impale
Melissa McCarthy injured her neck by wearing a very heavy candy cane costume while filling in for Jimmy Kimmel.
During the filming of P.S. I Love You, Hilary Swank had to get stitches after a clip from her co-star Gerard Butler's suspender flew into her face (th
GRACKEDco DAY RULES THIS TIM Josh Brolin suffered severe sunburn on his butthole and had to apply aloe and cream after trying out perineum sunning.
Meryl Streep sliced her hand to shreds while slicing up an avocado. It was no minor injury, either. She had to get stitches in her home state of Conne
Jamie Oliver burned his penis while cooking naked on Valentine's Day. The celebrity chef was trying to create a night of romance when he opened the
While shooting his very first scene for Twilight, Robert Pattinson almost tore a gluteal muscle by lifting Kristen Stewart. He'd attempted the move fr
Mandy Patinkin CRACKED.COM bruised a rib on the set of The Princess Bride. It wasn't from fencing, fighting, torture or revenge. It was from suppressi
Taylor Swift gave herself an uppercut on stage. She pulled the mic up to her face really quickly, and ended up hitting herself so hard that she knocke
Anderson Cooper couldn't see for a day and a half because he sunburned his eyeballs. RSON LIVE For a 2012 report, Cooper spent 2 hours filming on a bo
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