Cool Survival Tips To Get You Through A Disaster

Cool Survival Tips To Get You Through A Disaster

Many of us (particularly city slickers) have a curious gap in our disaster meter -- it skips from "jerky playback on Netflix" all the way to "civilization-ending kaiju outbreak." We freeze if we ever have to deal with anything in between. It's a blind spot big enough for several room-dwelling elephants to stroll through.

Sure, we can't teach you what to do if an engineered virus turns your loved ones into flesh-hungry mimes -- but we can give you some advice for much more likely (and realistically terrifying) scenarios, such as the following:

Entry by Zylie

Stepping on the gas pedal will never unstuck your car. But cat litter can. Litter doesn't just make living with pets more bearable - it'll also give y

Entry by AM Smiley

The power is out and you have no candles. Use a crayon. Break off the tip and light the paper on crayon fire. Done! crayon You have a makeshift candle
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