Baffling Purchases That Prove Celebs Have No Concept Of Money

Baffling Purchases That Prove Celebs Have No Concept Of Money

Celebrities live lives that are pretty unfathomable to the rest of us, no matter how much of their lives they share on the instaface or whatever. They live in some wild parallel universe where money is something they shovel into piles and blow around with leaf blowers, and nobody ever has any actual expenses to worry about.

And any time some famous person tries to deny that, keep in mind that they spend their money wads on weird things like:

CRACKEDCON Elon Musk bought the submarine car from The spy Who Loved Me. PPW30681 The lost car from the James Bond film was originally found in an aba

Marilyn Manson bought some weird props from the cancelled TV series Hannibal. The items he bought at the show's auction include Hannibal's kill suit a

Rupert Grint once bought an ice cream truck. STNOO 00E e 00 The Harry Potter star wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream, SO he purchased fully- a functio

CRACKED cO A drunk Russell Crowe once bought a dinosaur skull from Leonardo Dicaprio for $35,000. After having way too much vodka at Dicaprio's house,

DeShawn Stevenson installed an ATM in his kitchen. TURINITED The former NBA star dished out $3, 500 for his money machine, and he fills it up with $20

CRACKEDCON The late Gene siskel spent his dough on the suit from saturday Night Fever. A big fan of the movies, the former film critic and journalist

Liam Payne bought one of the Harry Potter flying cars and put it in his garden. 79901 The singer and former One Direction member owns one of several 1

Johnny Depp says he spent $5 million shooting Hunter S. Thompson's ashes from a cannon. Following the revelation of Depp's money woes, many outlets re

Shaquille O'Neill once revealed that he's spent $1000 a week on phone apps. PALDING O The NBA legend turned tech investor revealed back in 2014 that h

Mancow Muller bought the famous O.J. simpson statue. As part of a court ruling in 1999, the statue (that was featured in The People Vs. O.J. Simpson

William Koch splurged on a rare and original photograph of Billy the Kid. The billionaire businessman bought the only authenticated tintype photograph

Kim Kardashian bought her daughter the jacket Michael Jackson wore to Elizabeth Taylor's birthday in 1997. The 6-year-old North West got the $65,625 g

CRACKED.COM Justin Bieber spent $25, 000 on a custom-made Stewie Griffin necklace. The necklace contains roughly 12 carats of rubies and diamonds. The

CRACKEDc COM Neil Patrick Harris splurged $172, 500 on an original poster from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. DINGIR DYNAITE Harris is a huge fan of th

Ben Stiller owns the original head of Gorn. Yes, the only known surviving head of the 6- foot reptilian from the Star Trek episode titled The Arena

Amanda Seyfried bought herself a dead baby horse. The miniature horse (as she calls it) was just three weeks old when it died. Seyfried bought the s

Tyrese Gibson got his 8-year-old daughter an island for Christmas. dc 0l dick clark DrOuCTIONS AMER bc MLJ AWA The actor from The Fast Saga revealed b
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