Holy Places Built Around Awesome Designs And Beliefs

Looking for a safe space for worshipping guns, skulls, and/or Darth Vader?
Holy Places Built Around Awesome Designs And Beliefs

Look, nobody here is telling you what or where to worship. But we've discovered that throughout the globe, there are spectacular churches, temples, and other holy places built around objectively awesome designs and beliefs. Honestly, its made us realize how other places of worship need to step up their game.

Otherwise, they'll never be able to compete with places like:

Beijing's Dongyue Temple is a mashup of Offce Space and Reservoir Dogs. It's a display of the afterlife as a bureaucracy made GRAOY up of 70 departmen
Some European churches are home to blinged-out corpses. In Europe (especially Germany), a saint's corpse would CRACKED.COM often get hollowed out, pai
Thailand's Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew is made out of concrete and 1.5 million beer bottles. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY In 1984, to promote recycling, local Bud
Naples has church with a skeletons held in clumps of metal veins. Cappella Sansevero's two 18th-century skeletons CRACE (male and female) each have a
Thailand's Black House is a Buddhist shrine that looks like something from a death metal video. 11y11l It's a complex of 15 buildings filled with biza
In the cathedral in Amiens, France, everything is about decapitation. John the Baptist's (alleged) skull The cathedral was built as a giant shrine for
The Chapel of skulls in Czerma, Poland is a necromancer's, dream lair. From 1776 to 1795, Father Vaclav Tomasek dug up some 000 skeletons and lined th
India's Karni Mata temple has 20.000 holy rats. Per local legend, when the deity Karni Mata couldn't get the god of death to revive a storyteller's so
In Wieliczka, Poland, there's an underground cathedral made of salt. die: For 68 years, three miners carved the cathedral into CRACKED.COM the blacken
Darth Vader's head is stuck high the National Cathedral in up on Washington D.C. In 1980, while the Cathedral being built, was there was a kids' compe
Indonesia has probably the world's only car temple. KD 013 Legends in the forest village of Karang Dawa say that one night, car noises were heard when
The Lotus Lake temple complex in Taiwan is probably the world's most badass. One temple is inside a 72-foot statue of Xuantian CRACE Shangdi, Supreme
Japan's Mara Kannon shrine is surrounded by sculpted d*kk ks. Legend says that 450 years ago, a ruler's son's penis GRAGKEDGOM and head were chopped o
San Francisco's Saint John In Coltrane African Orthodox Church, they worship with jazz. IcMI NA BTHI NINC GI De TIC D For two hours every Sunday, they
In 1911 a German town made a snow church. -II1 That year's snOW was too heavy for the people of Mitterfirmiansreut to get to their nearest church, and
Japan has creepy temple for a old dolls. Girls' girls Every year on Day, Japanese get hina ningyo dolls that later end up at the Awashima jinja shrine
Belgrade's Ruzica Church was built with WWI weapons and ammo. When the church was rebuilt in 1925 after WWI CRACY damage, they decided to turn it into
The Phra Nang Cave looks like dildo warehouse. an ancient According to local legends in Krabi, Thailand, it's where CRACE the fertility goddess Phra N
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