In theory, it's all very simple: You want a shoe, Dick has a shoe, you trade your hard-earned green bits of paper for the shoe Dick has. In real life, Dick is a greedy bastard. He'll use all kinds of mind games to trick you into wanting a shoe you have no use for, or giving him a larger amount of paper bits than the shoe is worth.

Here are some informative pics about the tricks and techniques used by Dicks:

Entry by LilySprite

CRACKED COM Ten million people can't be wrong! Social proof pushes you to fit in with the crowd. Humans like to belong. If everyone is doing somethi

Entry by jaoafallas

If I can have your attention for only 11 minutes... That is sure to pique your curiosity. The pique technique is intended to surprise you and arouse

Entry by Maclise

CRACKED.OON Love bombing showers you with affection.. Love bombers give you a huge amount of promises and attention to open you up to their influence.

Entry by PookieJones

CRACKED.COM This will be very beneficial for people like us. Inclusive language makes you a part of the cool crew. Someone trying to get you onboard

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