Mind Games Stores Use To Play You

Capitalism is all about Jedi mind tricks.
Mind Games Stores Use To Play You

In theory, it's all very simple: You want a shoe, Dick has a shoe, you trade your hard-earned green bits of paper for the shoe Dick has. In real life, Dick is a greedy bastard. He'll use all kinds of mind games to trick you into wanting a shoe you have no use for, or giving him a larger amount of paper bits than the shoe is worth.

Here are some informative pics about the tricks and techniques used by stores:

Free coffee makes you easier to sway. These people are nice to give a complimentary cup, aren't they? Guess what: Caffeine makes you more susceptible
Friendly waiters know they'll get a good tip. Yes, the food was cold and awful - but the waiter was SO friendly! He called you by name! He gave you a
CRACKED COM Ten million people can't be wrong! Social proof pushes you to fit in with the crowd. Humans like to belong. If everyone is doing somethi
CRACKED co COM Repetition drives the point home. Each time you hear something, it gets embedded deeper into your brain. Carefully spaced repetition of
CRACKEDCON We assume shiny means good quality. Deep down, people are animals. We're attracted to shiny things. Jewels, polished cars, brightly lit sto
These bananas are $50 a pound. What? That's crazy! OK, five bucks for you. That's much better. The door-in-the-face technique makes you feel y
CRACKEDcO COM Do not be square and rude! Get an eclair, my dude! The rhyme-as-reaso e-as-reason effect spits rhymes to persuade you. This is a bias
CRACKED.COM Do you want the regular package, or the special premium package? The close makes your decision for you. The salesperson acts like you've
If I can have your attention for only 11 minutes... That is sure to pique your curiosity. The pique technique is intended to surprise you and arouse
A responsible person like you wouldn't go around uninsured. Altercasting gives you a part to play. If you're cast in a role (a conscientious neighb
PRICE Price anchoring DROPPED makes a price Was $6.15 seem lower S 450 06/02 than it is. If a new fancy gizmo costs $500, you won't buy it. But if you
This phone costs you $70 per megapixel. It's a bargain! The disrupt- then- reframe technique is meant to derail your train of thought. You're told s
CRACKED CON Does it say here that your credit rating is low...? Oh, sorry, I had the wrong file. The fear-then-relief tactic is evil, but effective.
Salespeople tailor their personas to you. Every customer is different- and a good salesperson will pick up on this and change their selling style acco
Ifyoucallinthenextftiveminutes yougetaspecialbonus... Talking fast gives an appearance of competence. The stereotype of the fast-talkings salesman e
CRACKED CON Even a penny helps! The legitimization of paltry favors drives you to give. You are more likely to agree to a request if you're told tha
CRACKED.COM Yes, I know you're thinking this is a bit pricey... Is that person reading your mind? No, of course sales staff are not psychic. But the
CRACKED.OON Love bombing showers you with affection.. Love bombers give you a huge amount of promises and attention to open you up to their influence.
Would you like to take our poll? You can say no. This is the but you are free technique. This technique (BYAF for short) emphasizes that you have
Stores are designed to make you spend more. Grocery stores are laid out to force you to walk past as many shelves as possible, increasing your chances
CRACKED.COM This will be very beneficial for people like us. Inclusive language makes you a part of the cool crew. Someone trying to get you onboard
Just listen to this shit I've got for you. Light swearing makes for greater persuasion. Someone who curses clearly isn't just going through a sales
Will you sign this petition? Sure! Will you also donate $10? Hum... Sure. Here you go. The foot-in-the-door technique gets you to commit early
Will you risk losing everything for skimping on a few bucks? Fear is a powerful motivator. Often, salespeople won't tell you what you stand to gain
Brand recognition overrides what Coca you're actually seeing and feeling. Abrand-namesoda will taste better (and be worth more to you) than a cheap kn
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