Celebrities seem to lead perfect lives. They have the big three Fs: fame, fortune, and free burritos at Chipotle. It's pretty easy to look up to them with admiration and envy, wishing you were them.

But sometimes, tinsel covers up misery. Even the biggest-deal celebs have skeletons in their huge walk-in closets -- they've done horrible things, or had horrible things happen to them. We've put together a list of people with bright lives, but a dark past.

We all know about Drew Barrymore partying WAY too soon and the Billy Joel thing just makes us shed a tear for the piano man. What we couldn’t believe was the HOSTAGE situation that Samuel L. Jackson was involved in with Martin Luther King Jr.’s FATHER. It’s a strange world, and apparently it only gets stranger (and darker?) at the top.

Keep scrolling for more can’t-look-away-schadenfreude-fuel that will make you go: hmm? Am I a bad person?

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