13 Times Actors Cooked Up Stuff That Worked Great

13 Times Actors Cooked Up Stuff That Worked Great

Actors, believe it or not, can be jerks. Sometimes they think that whether they can play tag in the movie, they can do it in real life. Amazingly, they can also be quite decent at their craft, making great recommendations that improve shows and movies exponentially.

Wise advice, best film tips, and encouragement from those that have made it are some of the factors that motivate struggling people to keep going. This is how it has always been. If you watch and read interviews with prevailing A-list directors and actors, you'll learn that they glanced to entertainers 20-40 years their senior and learned how to act from them.

These shining gems from the best-known mouths of equitably famous actors will inspire you to keep going when times get tough.

So here are a few examples of actors who have done just that: Scuffed an incredible idea from their unfairly attractive brains. We love you, pop cuture.

Dee was suppOSED to be the stereotypical female voice of reason. IT'S ALWAYS SUNNYN IN PHILADELPHIA Kaitlin Olson wasn't having it, and at first tur

Tony Stark passed silently thanks to Robert Downey Jr. The screenwriters of Avengers: Endgame wrote several possible final lines and presented them to

13 Times Actors Cooked Up Stuff That Worked Great

Jason Isaacs basically came up with Lucius Malfoy's whole appearance Harry Potter According to Isaacs, Lucius was originally supposed to wear a pinstr

Leonard Nimoy came up with Spock's nerve pinch. STAR TREK The original script had Spock KO the evil Captain Kirk double. Nimoy felt that didn't fit th

Lebowski Thor wasn't supposed to be a big part of Avengers: Endgame. II! Halfway through THE movie, Thor was supposed to revert back to his muscular

Jack Nicholson insisted McMurphy be the catalyst for the patient rebellion. ONE FLE OVER THE CUCKC'SNEST Director Milos Forman and Nicholson allegedly

Samuel L. Jackson came up with Valentine's lisp. Kingsman THE SECRET SERVICE Jackson based the lisp on his own experiences of growing up with a stutte

Louis Tully was SUPPOSED to be a swinging bachelor. The character was written as a portly young bachelor and indomitable swinger, with John Candy in

Mike Myers' last-minute change of mind gave Shrek his Scottish accent. SHREK After watching a rOugh cut of the movie, Myers decided the original Canad

Snake Plissken wasn't supposed to have an eyepatch. ESCAPE FROM YORK nEL It was Kurt Russell's idea. According to Russell, when he proposed the eyepat

Johnny Depp gave Jack Sparrow brain damage. PIRATES of the CARIBBEAIN Sparrow was originally supposed to be more or less a regular pirate. Depp decide

Samuel L. Jackson stopped Snakes On A Plane from getting renamed. SNAKES. ONA PLANE Jackson says that the movie's ridiculous title was one of the main
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