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Contrary to popular belief, our bodily functions and common physical complaints are not the work of colonic goblins practicing sorcery deep in our lower large intestines. There's always a perfectly rational explanation behind the anatomical conundrums than remain a mystery to everyone who hasn't gone through the first year of medical school.

For example:

ASPARAGUS MAKES YOUR PEE SMELL NASTY BECAUSE OF SULFUR. The curse of asparagus pee is caused by the appropriately named asparagusic acid (found only i

THAT ACHY FEELING WHEN YOU'RE SICK IS CAUSED BY YOU, NOT THE VIRUS. White blood cells are part of the body's defense system, but also cause sore throa

FILTH, NOT CHLORINE, TURNS EYES RED IN A POOL. Chlorine has been unjustly blamed for the way your eyes redden after an afternoon flapping around in a

ESCAPING GUT BLOOD GIVES YOU BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR STOMACH. Sometimes your reptile brain senses an anxious situation, but can't differentiate between a

COLD WEATHER MAKES YOU PEE FOR SURVIVAL. Cold diuresis is when your nervous system tries to stave off hypothermia by causing capillaries in the limb

CRACKEDcO YOU GET CARSICK BECAUSE YOUR BODY AND BRAIN ARE ARGUING. During a car ride, your eyes recognize movement while your brain thinks you're just

COFFEE WREAKING HAVOC ON YOUR SYSTEM? BLAME YOUR HORMONES. If you're a productive member of society who rises at 6:30 a.m., the sweet spot for guzzlin

PAPER CUTS HURT SO MUCH BECAUSE THEY'RE THE PERFECT STORM OF PAIN. Paper cuts inflict more pain than most injuries because fingertips are full of nerv

ONE NOSTRIL ALWAYS GETS STUFFED UP TO KEEP THINGS MOIST. In addition to smelling, the nose warms and humidifies air to make it friendly for the lungs.

PEOPLE COUGH AT CONCERTS BECAUSE WE'RE SOCIAL CREATURES. The average human coughs 16 times a day, but is twice as likely to do So during a concert. Wh

DRIVING MAKING YOU SLEEPY? BLAME THE VIBRATION. Your car is literally hypnotizing you. About 20% of fatal crashes are caused by fatigue, which can cre

CRACKEDCOMT CHIPS TRICK YOUR BRAIN SO YOU CAN KEEP EATING WITHOUT FEELING FULL. The brain fights overeating by making each bite of the same food succe

CRACKED COM IT'S TOUGH FOR OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE TO STICK TO DIETS BECAUSE OF THEIR TASTE BUDS. Weight gain leads to an impaired sense of taste, and a rec
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