How Franchises Keep Their Secrets

How Franchises Keep Their Secrets

Filmmaking is indeed an art form, but it also has a technical component, especially in these times of special effects. The cinema business has evolved a vast arsenal of tactics that make films magical and keep their secrets well hidden.

Large studio films have had to contend with spoilers, including plot leaks, for a long time. Companies like HBO and Amazon, are starting to realize what Disney or Marvel have understood for years: concealment often only increases attention, tightens storyline control, and reduces social media hostility.

With social media, it's more difficult than ever for film and television producers to avoid spoilers about their work in progress. Studios have had to get creative, coming up with novel ways to keep viewers and even the cast in the dark.

To see how directors managed to keep their blockbuster secrets…hold onto your socks, limber up your ol' gray matter, keep scrolling and consider the following wild but true scenarios:

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