Weird Stuff That Celebs Dig For Some Reason

And you thought your hobbies were weird.
Weird Stuff That Celebs Dig For Some Reason

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Everyone needs hobbies, even super-fancy celebrities. But sometimes famous people turn out to be fans of headscratchingly weird stuff. And it's not the type of weird stuff you'd expect, like solid-gold bidets or million-dollar sports cars.

Nope, they're out there stanning things like:

Chrissy Teigen used to moderate Neopets. Neopets is a site that lets you care for virtual pets, and she was a comment moderator who also won caption c
Patrick Dempsey is super serious about juggling. He says that becoming great at juggling in his teens changed his life and gave him purpose. Dempsey's
Jim Carrey has a bottomless love of death metal. CANNIBAL CORPSE Some of his favorite bands are Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, and Napalm Death. He wanted
Mark Hamill is an obsessive David Letterman fanboy. He recorded every single broadcast from 1982 to 2003, and documented regular segments like Viewer
Robin Williams was a hardcore gamer and anime geek. NEON GENESIS EVANGELION VOLUMENINE He loved anime like Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion, a
Rod Stewart is a hardcore train set builder. Most of the third floor of his mansion is taken up by a 124-foot train set. He built it while touring. Ho
Antonio Banderas lovingly designs capes. Capes offer incredible possibilities, according to Banderas. They're comfortable, keep you warm, and let yo
A bunch of legendary directors love trashy films. Burt Reynolds Solo ANDTHE Bandit Roman Polanski loves the Rush Hour franchise, and Christopher Nolan
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an erudite scholar. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Alan Steinberg BLACK PROFILES IN COURAGE He's written seven books, with titles like
Werner Herzog watches a lot of Wrestlemania. WRESTLEN ANIA 2019 Ronioy! Sometimes, he says it's just to know pop culture ('the poet must not avert hi
Michael Dukakis harvests turkey carcasses. He hates waste, so every Thanksgiving, he gathers seven or eight partially eaten turkeys from friends and f
Freddie Mercury was a very devoted cat person. While on tour, he'd call home and ask to talk to some of his cats. When one went missing for a few hour
Shag is such a big Southland fan, he asked to cameo. SOUTHLAND UNCENSORED He called the producers, sent a picture of himself in police uniform (he had
Lyndsey Scott is a Victoria's Secret model and a coder. selt. noerprints self. loodupes Tro debu self.debug self. .logger toosios if path: self.file s
Donald Trump rewatches the fights in Bloodsport. Bloodson Bloodsport is one of Trump's favorite flicks ('an incredible, fantastic movie, he says). A
Elvis Presley loved acting out Monty Python sketches. He was such a big fan, he started calling people squire after seeing Monty Python's nudge nud
The Who's Roger Daltrey is really into trout farming. The 26-acre trout farm he designed is the proudest achievement of his life, he says. Why is he
Stephen Colbert is a living Tolkien encyclopedia. p5rcistorppocrp ECcrp ngjapotipyG He beat Peter Jackson's on-set Tolkien expert in a quiz. Jackson s
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