25 Characters Who Changed Radically After Their Debut


When a television show runs for numerous years as well as seasons, the characters are bound to evolve. In reality, if you contrast how they were in the first episode to how they were at the end, you won't even recognize them.

All 6 of the Friends' characters underwent significant transformations throughout season one to season ten. And some are more insidious, such as Joey's gradual descent into insanity as well as an obsession with eating or Phoebe's transformation from an adoring hippie to a frightening psychopath.

It's strange to see just how much these characters have altered, whether it's due to the authors playing to the actor's talents, a shift in editorial direction, or plain awful writing:

Because that's how drama works, most characters mature as they navigate plotlines and story arcs. The problem is that occasionally, right out of the gate, producers will significantly alter a character. They've gotten to the point where they're almost unrecognizable. For instance...

Entry by K. Haeg

Arthur's nose has become dramatically less-pronounced throughout Marc Brown's illustrated book series. MARC BROWN ARTHUR'S MARC BROWN NOSE AShur EYES
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