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The internet is packed with people complaining about pop culture, everyone knows that. What people might not know is that not only are creators listening, sometimes they take those complaints to heart and change a character, or a movie, or a show, specifically because of that complaint.

This is in no way intended as encouraging fans to complain.

Entry by Karen Jones

OTAR TREK was saved by writing letters to the studio. Now Paramount's leading franchise, Star Trek was saved in its second season by thousands of fans

Entry by PollyDarton

CATS was changed due to the public backlash from the trailer. The complaints and ridicule that came after people saw the odd and uncanny original trai

Entry by Andrea Meno

Fans are the only reason Alien: Covenant has, well, aliens. Ridley Scott was going to make a xenomorph-less follow-up to Prometheus, but he heard fans

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