Ways Humanity Is Hypocritical On The Daily

Here’s how you make it rain double standards.
Ways Humanity Is Hypocritical On The Daily

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Hypocrisy is the worst. There's just nothing more obnoxious than some loudmouth shouting about how terrible other people are, all while being ten times as bad at the exact same thing.

The thing is, we might be doing that right now, in some sort of double-standard-ception. Because we do things like:

I hate it when people at work say that their computer just stopped working like it had nothing to do with the fact that they are totally stupid with
I always tell my girlfriend to turn down the volume on her TV because I don't want to hear her shows... but yet I'll play my movies as loud as possibl
I complain a lot over the politically induced problems in this country. CRACKED.COM I also never bother to vote.
I keep tight reins on how much screen time my kiddo gets, because it's bad for so them... while I stare at my phone practically all day. GRACKED COM
am a Ey huge =hw B skeptic, and K refuse NA to take RePs anything sin on faith. I also r read my mn horoscope V every day. A XLl CRACKED.COM CI
CRACKED.COM In theory, I'm very against weirdo behavior like creeping on strangers' social media profles. It is only in practice that E immediately la
Whenever I accidentally stepped on my little brother's toys: WHY CAN'T YOU PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY AFTER YOU'R DONE WITH THEM? Whenever he accidentally s
I'm always honest with my friends and telling them off whenever they do something wrongo But I really hate it when they do the same to me. CRACKED COM
When I'm doing a job for a friend, I hate when they ask me for a discount! They should just support my business! But when they charge full price for s
CRACKED cO Me: There should be more strong female characters in Hollywood. Also Me: They put her in a bikini for this scene? Nice!
I'm an avid people-watcher. But I'm hugely uncomfortable when someone stares at me. CRACKED.COM
l watch a superhero movie more than once. But when my wife wants to watch a Rom-Com, I Icomplain: Ugh, can't we watch CRACKED COM some otherthing?? Th
You're wasting my time! is a phrase I probably use too often. Even though I always procrastinate and waste my own time H instead of doing something
M will confront someone right off the bat if they cut me off, forgetting that I'm the one who constantly talks over others. CRACKED COM
GRAGKED I don't let clothing brands define who I am... ...but I'll only use Android phones when hell freezes over.
CRACKEDOON I always tell my housemate to stop binge-watching 3-4 hours of Netflix. Yet I spend 4-5 hours gaming on my PC.
I'm vocal about not caring What other people think, yet I shrink inward every time someone glances in my direction. CRACKED COM
Slow drivers drive me into a murderous rage. But whenever I happen to be the one driving slowly, for whatever reason, I literally flip off anyone who
CRACKEDcO When I hear a celebrity has died of an overdose: Oh no. They must've had a terrible, stressful life that made them turn to drugs. I wonder
so On Twitter, I write off people I interact with as snobs if they don't follow me back. But my own follow list is kept to a carefully curated minimum
I advised my friend to turn off his air conditioner whenever he left the house to conserve energy and save money on the bill. But I always leave mine
I can't stand cigarette smoke. I also enjoy smoking cigars.
CRACKEDCO COM I complain about traffic jams and lack of parking spots, while driving in my car instead of walking or taking public transportation.
Ican't stand when people eat noisyfood like chips or loud chewing in general. BE OUIET!! HURRY UP!! But when I'm the one eating crunchy. food Idont ca
I absolutely hate reality shows that are just taking advantage of the mentally ill. HOARDERS Of course, I don't hate them enough to stop watching th
When 0 see someone trash talk your baseball team. When O Tab see someone trash talk Lock Caps mY baseball team. Shift
I am always yapping about financial responsibility. But whenever I get some extra cash, I spend like a lottery 1881891261 B UNITEITATS 1881891261 B UN
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