Advertisers can't lie to us, right? There are laws protecting consumers from flagrant hucksterism and bullshit, right? Plus, why would they even do that? We watched all 100 seasons of Mad Men, and those dudes seemed like such standup gentlemen. Just princely, well-dressed guys who had an interesting way with words and could draw real good. Actually, we haven't re-watched since it came out, let's go see if we initially misread anything…

Whoah, boy, were we wrong. Jesus. Were we drinking and smoking heavily during that initial viewing? (Checks memory) OH BOY WERE WE. Whoops. Turns out that marketing people and advertisers are actually huge liars and greedy bastards. Not only do companies constantly get away with sneaky, misleading ads, but they find skeevy ways to deceive people with their packaging, too. Did you know that “no trans fat” legally means “actually kinda a little bit of trans fat?” All that, plus 24 more, here:

Entry by ikcaj

HOW DO THRILLER AUTHORS o messed p Nme Dr Cross. WRITE SO MANY JAMESPATTERSON BOOKS? EASY CRISS THEY DON'T. Best-selling authors such as James Patters

Entry by jkazz

Helps Support Your Immune System No Water Needed SUPPLEMENTS CAN HELP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM EXCEPT THAT NO, THEY CAN'T. Immunity boosters have minerals,

Entry by mand*

DOES THE CEREAL IN THE AD LOOK YUMMY? THAT'S BECAUSE OF THE GLUE. Glue kinda looks like milk, but is much thicker, SO it supports the cereal better an

Entry by kdt

CARE FOR SOME... UM... COLORED POTATOES? Real ice cream is hard to photograph in a studio, as it melts under the lights. That firm, delicious- looking

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