29 Historical (View-Shifting) Facts And Images


Admit it: Most of your perception of history comes mostly from Hollywood blockbusters and skewed textbooks.

Lucky for you, we've enlisted the aid of our readers to help clear the air on some of the bullshit you've learned over the years ...

Entry by mkad

The American Nazil Party attempted a coalition with the Nation of Islam in the early 60's. George Lincoln Rockwelll (founder)) and two followers are s

Entry by John E.

GRACKEDO Not all Americans supported the AlLies BLELENAIRA American Nazis parade in New York City East 86th St. Oct. 30, 1939 Two months after Ww2 sta

Entry by mkad

Often depicted aksin to a college frat prank and a big part of, the Revolutionary. War history, this is what tar and feathering really looks like. As

Entry by dritjon

GRAGKEDO CON Women in Iran before the Islamic Revolution

Entry by cate9000

Before you call some drab, uptight person realize a Puritan, that Puritans actually wore colorful clothes rather than the stereotypical all-black en

Entry by daflehrer1

The MIGHTY ARMORED GERMAN BLITZKRIEG! Or about 20% of it. Most Germar ooldiers had to walk almost the entire allack route The arm rarely had enough tr

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